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Tiger Grille & Lounge attempting to offer a near-campus bar for students

<p>Tiger Punch is the strongest drink on the menu at the Tiger Grille &amp; Lounge.</p>
Tiger Punch is the strongest drink on the menu at the Tiger Grille & Lounge.

Many students at the University of Memphis look towards the Highland Strip whenever they want to unwind and have a good time. Various bars are located on the strip such as The Bluff, Newby’s and RP Tracks just to name a few. 

While these are some of the most popular spots to hang out at, there is a bar and restaurant right on campus that most students do not know anything about. The Tiger Grille & Lounge is located inside the Holiday-Inn just across the street from the FedEx Institute of Technology. 

A few changes were made to the bar this summer and it reopened for the public in early September. However, the turn out has not been as great as expected. The biggest challenge it has faced is the lack of visibility. 

“A lot of students don’t even know we’re over here,” said food and beverage supervisor Gwendolyn Bernard. “What we’re trying to do here is to definitely get the students to come out. Next week we will be on campus passing out flyers, so that students will be aware of what’s going on and our specials.”

The newly adjusted cocktail list features three specialty cocktails.

First, she pointed to “The Tiger Punch,” which is a vodka-based cocktail with a splash of triple sec and blue curacao. 

“When you hear punch, you think it would be named that because it’s red, but no. We mean an actual punch!” She said through laughter. It is one of the strongest drinks on the menu.

Another drink featured on the list is the “Bengal Bourbon Sour.” It is bourbon-based mixed with sweet and sour, triple sec and garnished with an orange and cocktail cherry to complement the flavors. 

The last cocktail Gwendolyn highlighted was the “White Russian Tiger” which is similar to a White Russian but with a twist. The drink consists of coffee liqueur, vodka and coconut cream instead of heavy cream. The cocktail tastes like a fruity milkshake, making it perfect for an after-dinner drink.

All of these cocktails are 50% off their original price during happy hour, which lasts from 5-6 pm daily. 

For now, students aged 21 and up can come out when they want to decompress and chill at a quiet bar, but that could be subject to change in the coming months. 

“We have Wine Down Wednesdays where students can get a free glass of wine with a $20 purchase, and Tiger Thursdays which will consist of great music, trivia and games,” Bernard said. “We just really want to implement it to where the college students know that they have somewhere on campus to relax, have a ball or mingle with their friends.”

Tiger Punch is the strongest drink on the menu at the Tiger Grille & Lounge.

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