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Actress, singer and activist Keke Palmer to speak at Multicultural Affairs event

Black History Month consists of 28 days dedicated to the observing of African American history and culture. The University of Memphis consistently puts on events that depict and cater to the black experience. 

Many of the occurrences happening on campus are hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA). This organization inspires students on campus to indulge in learning about the backgrounds of different races and ethnicities around them. It consists of other in-house orgs like the Black Student Association (BSA), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Empowered Men of Color (EMOC), and countless more. 

Together, these groups are responsible for putting on events like the annual BSA Fashion Show, Live Black History Museum, and the Freedom Awards & Mahogany Ball. In addition to these special tributes, the OMA will be hosting “An Evening with Keke Palmer,” on Friday, February 25. 

Lauren “Keke” Palmer is an African American actress, singer, and television personality. Thousands of now college students grew up with her on their tv screens. Aside from her legendary entertainment career, Palmer is also an advocate for many issues like health and sexual assault. Her boldness inspires many around the country—including those at the University of Memphis. 

“I remember her being one of my role models growing up,” stated Ashanti Better, public relations major. “She is brave, and her personality is so positive. That is something I want to mirror when I start my career.” 

According to Linda Hall, the Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs, Palmer will speak on various topics including her career and personal journey. It took $60,000 took book the celebrity for the evening. 

When it came down to who should be chosen, it was up to the students in those particular organizations. They chose Palmer from an array of options submitted by two speakers’ bureaus.

Erick Rivers, BSA Executive Board Member, stated, “I feel that she was definitely the right choice because she’s very hardworking and always knows how to get to the bag.” 

That reigns true because in only a couple of hours, tickets for the public were sold out and less than 50 student tickets still remain. 

As Black History Month starts to trickle down, hundreds of people in the Memphis city area are getting ready to experience a talk with one of the youngest and bravest stars in the entertainment industry. 

The Michael D. Rose Theater Doors will open at 6 pm and the show will at 7 pm.

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