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From roommates to business owners: Meet the faces and learn the story behind Bad Timing

<p>Bad Timing features streetwear of all kinds, from hats to shoes.&nbsp;</p>
Bad Timing features streetwear of all kinds, from hats to shoes. 

Nowadays, whenever we go out, we take a picture in a brand new outfit and that’s the last time it leaves the closet. If you are not sure what to do with those shirts or shoes that will never see the light of day again, meet the owners of Bad Timing, a retail shop where you can buy or trade sneakers, streetwear and vintage pieces.

Nate Packard, a University of Memphis Alumni, and Nick Riley are two roommates who started Bad Timing as a series of pop-ups, vending on the Highland Strip from their building.

Packard began collecting vintage t-shirts and soon introduced Riley to the culture of collecting vintage when they started living together. 

“We did a pop-up one day with those vintage tees,” Riley said. “And we did well, and I thought and said, ‘What if we made that type of money every day and opened up a store?’” And that is what they did.

In December 2019, the duo opened a store in Crosstown Concourse where they rented out a shared workspace. They went on to transition to a few pop-ups at Urban Outfitters, another retail store that sells similar clothing. 

“That was before the Pandemic,” Riley said. “We did well and we took it from there, to this building on Highland.”

Jordan’s, Yeezys and Off-whites are just some of the few sneaker brands you can buy at Bad Timing. They also sell clothing brands V-Lone, Bape, Off-White, and that is just to name a few. 

“We have a wide selection of vintage tees,” Packard said. “We do trade-ins, but that is not the majority of our business. We usually buy from the original sellers. The way trade-ins work is they usually get credit toward a shoe they want when they come in with something they want to give to us.”

They are located on 549 S Highland Street, Memphis, TN, and are open from 11 am-7 pm. The shop will offer a 10% discount to UofM students for any purchase in November.

Bad Timing features streetwear of all kinds, from hats to shoes. 

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