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Nine things to do at the University of Memphis before graduating

Someone’s college years are supposed to be the time of his or her life, and the University of Memphis offers some unique opportunities for its students. For those who want to maximize their U of M campus experience, read on and take notes. To the seniors graduating in May, don't fret, there is still a few weeks left to complete your campus bucket list.

Attend a University of Memphis sporting event

The city of Memphis loves its sports, and because of that, attending a sporting event while enrolled at the U of M is an absolute must.

The basketball team has a rich tradition that includes 26 NCAA Tournament appearances and three Final Fours. A recent rash of transfers have hit the program hard, but don't let that deter you from heading to FedEx Forum to catch a conference game.

 The football team has a tradition as well, one mostly associated with mediocrity. All of that has changed as of late, and the Tigers football team is building a solid program aimed at sustained success.

Admission is free to all sporting events with a student ID.

Check Out the Tiger Sculptures On and Around Campus

In honor of the U of M's centennial year, the University Alumni Association dispersed sculpture Tigers on campus and the surrounding Memphis area. 100 statue Tigers were produced in total, each with its own special look.

The statues are owned by fans, local businessman and alumni – people who share a common love for the U of M. In order to receive a Tiger, a $5,000 sponsorship donation was required.

Try to take a picture of yourself with as many Tigers as you can before you graduate. Who knows, maybe you'll get all 100.

Visit the Art Museum

The campus art museum boasts a wide range of artifacts, including ancient Egyptian antiquities and Sub-Saharan African art.

The Ancient Egyptian Collection at the U of M started in 1975, when 44 Egyptian objects were obtained from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Since then, over 1,400 total objects have been accumulated including mummies, jewelry and sculptures.

Visit the Egyptian gallery before it closes on April 24. Admission is free to the public.

Join a student organization

The U of M offers a slew of organizations to join – there is usually a Student Involvement Fair each August where various organizations can promote themselves. This is an excellent way to find what group is perfect for you.

Interested students can also visit for more information and to check out all of the different groups and organizations on campus.

Play intramural sports

There is no better way to shed off that freshman 15 than getting proper exercise, and the most fun way to exercise on campus is intramural sports.

At the U of M, you can compete against other students in sports such as football, soccer and basketball. Tournaments and leagues can be set up with campus fraternities, sororities, student organizations and independent teams to duke it out for athletic supremacy and bragging rights.

Attend a campus event at the University Center

The University Center has more to offer than a quick bite to eat or a place to hang out in between classes. Throughout the semester, the UC also hosts many different events as well. These events raise awareness, feature recruiters and promote celebration. No matter what day or time it is, there is usually an entertaining event at the UC. 

Have an All-Nighter Study Session in the Technology Hub

Whether you plan on graduating in four years, or eight, you're going to need to make time for studying. Luckily for students at the U of M, they have access to a 24-hour computer lab that is perfect for cramming before a big exam.

The Technology Hub is located in Room 265 of the University Center. Here, students can utilize over 80 Dell and iMac computers and ample space for group study.

A student ID and active enrollment is required to reserve a spot in the Technology Hub.

Eat and Drink Local at RP Tracks and Ubee's

Every campus needs a nearby watering hole with solid food where students can unwind and relax after class and into the night. Luckily for U of M students, they have two options conveniently within walking distance.

RP Tracks, located next to Tiger Bookstore and near the pesky train tracks on Southern, has been a popular spot for years. A great spot for burgers and sandwiches, RP Tracks also offers an underrated brunch. At night, students can play pool and enjoy drink specials. When the train rides by, make sure to ask your bartender if there are any drink specials and remember to thank me later.

Ubee's is another excellent place for students to hang out. At Ubee's, students can participate in trivia, karaoke and drink plenty of cheap beer while they're at it.

Speaking of cheap beer, if you show up between 9 and 10 pm on any night, you're going to smack dab in the middle of Animal Hour. During Animal Hour, beer and select well drinks are 3-for-1. Yes, you read that right. Just make sure you drink responsibly and attend that 8 a.m. class the morning.

Like RP Tracks, burgers and sandwiches are the main courses and the chili is highly underrated. They also deliver around campus until 3 a.m.

Students can use their dining dollars at both Ubee's and RP Tracks.

Attend a Lecture at the Michael D. Rose Theatre Lecture Hall

The Rose Theatre, located on the northern portion of the campus near Elma Roane Fieldhouse, is an excellent venue for listening to many highly acclaimed speakers and scholars.

Whether you want to expand your horizons or just want something to do, Rose Theatre can satiate your appetite.

Recently, Spike Lee visited Memphis and spoke at Rose Theatre.

Make sure to get in line early, spaces can fill up fast and you want to make sure to get a good seat.

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