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Tigers with talent tear up the UC theater for a chance to open for T.I. and K Camp

Cheers echoed from the open doors of the University Center Theatre inviting students and faculty to the 2016 Undiscovered Tigers Showcase. Hosted by the Student Activities Council, the audience participated in selecting the homecoming artist’s opening act.

The talent show featured mostly singers like Christopher Chandler and Sejal Purohit as well as a dance group, Rivals. Ten dynamic performances gave many attendees a tough decision as to who won.

“I’m trying to decide who I like,” international business major Summer Eggert said. “My favorite was Sejal. It was great; it was soulful. I loved the acoustics. Then I loved number eight, Kasondra. They were awesome like the acoustics; it was well rehearsed.”

“Number seven was pretty good; his name was TE’,” mechanical engineering major John Rucker II said.  “He rapped and told a story about how he grew up with somebody, and she was going through some things, and he was always there with her, and that was kind of touching, and I can relate to it.”

Voting was conducted through Instagram with attendees liking the acts they want to win. With a chorus of favorites being shouted throughout the audience, the winner was announced shortly after the end of the show.

First place went to the powerful singer Kasondra Caldwell, second place to soulful Sejal Purohit and third to classy Phillip Bond.

“[Winning] is really exciting; I wasn’t expecting it, the audience got so hyped,” winner Kasondra said. “I always get nervous, but it’s always so much fun in the end with the adrenaline pumping.”

As winner of the show, Kasondra will be the opening act for homecoming artists T.I. and K Camp during the Bluff City Bash concert Oct. 28.

Sejal Purohit placed second.  

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