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Ryan Stark


Online classes cost reduced to same as on-campus classes

The price of online courses through the University of Memphis have been reduced to become the same price as on-campus courses. Previously, online courses at the UofM required an additional tuition premium that made them more expensive than on-campus courses. The Board of Trustees has approved a proposal ...

Test anxiety 2

Students can face test anxiety as final exams approach

As the fall semester comes to an end, some students at the University of Memphis may face test anxiety as they prepare for their final exams. Victoria Jones, a U of M Counseling Center therapist, said it is normal for students to get test anxiety as both final exams and midterms approach. “Testing ...


Car thefts on campus leave victims concerned about safety

Victims of car thefts on the University of Memphis campus are concerned about safety measures taken by U of M Police Services. Since the beginning of the fall semester, there have been seven car thefts, four thefts of motor vehicle parts and 11 thefts of items from inside of cars reported in the campus ...


South Hall residents fight for better living conditions

Residents of South Hall, an all-male dorm on the University of Memphis campus, have signed a petition to combat poor living conditions of the dorm. Andre Darnell, a resident of South Hall and Community Service Chair of the U of M, sent a letter to Residence Life that listed multiple issues about the ...

polls 3

University of Memphis students vote for change in midterms

Many University of Memphis students voted in the midterm elections in hopes of addressing a variety of issues, including health care, education and a lack of millennials at the polls. Brennan Sandefer, a 19-year-old political science major, said he voted Election Day because he recognized the impact ...


Trump to fight caravan with troops and executive orders

President Donald Trump announced he would send more than 5,000 United States troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to deter the migrant caravan from entering the country and, according to multiple reports, said he plans to do away with birthright citizenship. Michael Sances, a political science professor ...

The Setonian

Professors say voting matters, especially in close elections

Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen have been virtually neck-and-neck in polling for the Tennessee Senate race, and the winner of the seat depends solely on the citizens of Tennessee. Even though Tennessee has a record of marching rightward politically in recent years, some people will choose not to ...

Ultimate frisbee

Memphis Bluff Ultimate frisbee team begins recruiting players

The University of Memphis ultimate frisbee team has begun recruiting players for the fall and is welcoming any interested student to join the team. Memphis Bluff Ultimate captain and president Tommy Merrill, a 22-year-old health studies major, said the team is working hard to promote itself among students ...

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