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<p>Sophia Rouse, 20, is a history major.</p>
Sophia Rouse, 20, is a history major.

This week’s question was: What is the best part about returning to in-person learning on campus?

Sophia Rouse is a 20-year-old history major:

“The best part of being back on campus is the smell of Mitchell Hall. It makes the learning environment feel real again, which was missing from virtual classes.”

Payton Gleason is a 21-year-old coaching major:

“For me, the best part about being on campus is the convenience of everything. Not only is it easier to learn in person, but it’s easier to actually get work done outside of the classroom with the facilities on campus. It’s also easier to meet up with your friends, easier to get food with your campus eating funds, and it kind of reminds you why you’re here at the University of Memphis in the first place.”

Tyler Conger is a 23-year-old history major:

“My favorite things about being back on campus are learning new things, meeting new people, and the new experiences. I love the atmosphere on campus and the opportunities it provides.”

Next week's question is: If you could fix one thing at the University of Memphis, what would it be?

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Sophia Rouse, 20, is a history major.

Payton Gleason, 21, is a coaching major.

Tyler Conger, 23, is a history major.

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