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Memphis Baseball falls further after poor showing at Tulane

<p>The Tigers dropped the series against Tulane, but have a chance to topple a ranked opponent against ECU next.&nbsp;</p>
The Tigers dropped the series against Tulane, but have a chance to topple a ranked opponent against ECU next. 

The Tigers have been bested once again. This time it was a four-game series against the Tulane Green Wave.

Memphis has lost three series in a row, falling to Arkansas, Murray State and Tulane. The Tigers (11-15, 1-3 AAC) are seventh of the eight teams in the AAC standings after their series loss from the Green Wave. 

Memphis was not swept and the Tigers were able to steal game one. However, they went on to lose for the rest of the series. 

Game 1, Memphis wins 4-3

This was an April Fools, Thursday night, nine-inning game in New Orleans. Prior to this game, both teams had teetered on the brink of being a .500 squad. 

Tulane scored the first run in the second inning, getting a run from a single in left field. The following inning, the Green Wave doubled their score with a second run. 

Leading 2-0, Tulane kept Memphis quiet until the fourth inning, the Tigers had produced one hit after three innings. Memphis watched Hunter Goodman single his way to first, Alec Trela get walked and Taylor Howell bunt his way on base. A costly error happened for Tulane and Goodman took the first run for Memphis.

Memphis would take the lead in the fourth after a sacrifice fly and a single made the score 3-2. Tulane quickly tied the game in the fifth with a single. 

The game was tied until Memphis took the lead back in the seventh. Goodman secured a run with a sacrifice fly and the Tigers had a chance. Tulane could not produce anything in their last few chances and completely stalled out. The Tigers took game one 4-3. 

Game 2, Tulane wins 7-1

Tulane decided to play poor host for the remainder of the series and it started with game two. This was also the first game of the double header that was played on Friday. 

The first inning went decent for Memphis, they took the lead after Braden Webb stole home. That was the only run the Tigers could secure for the whole game. 

Tulane built a 5-1 lead against Memphis after the first and second inning. Neither team scored for the next five innings. The Green Wave added two more runs to their lead in the eighth, making it a 7-1 lead. It ended with a victory for Tulane, tying the series. 

Tulane secured 12 hits and seven runs while Memphis produced 4 hits and one run.

Game 3, Tulane wins 11-2

This was the second game of the double header and the Green Wave took it by a large margin. Tulane took the lead and never lost it. They scored in each of the first five innings and had a 10-2 lead after the fifth inning was over. 

Memphis kept up with Tulane, but after the third inning the Tigers did not score a run. They came within one run in the second and third inning, but it was not enough. The Tigers put up four hits and two runs while the Green Wave had 13 hits and 11 runs.

Game 4, Tulane wins 8-2

The final game of the series seemed to be all in favor of Tulane. It seemed to be a Green Wave shutout. They held a lead for the entire game and kept the Tigers scoreless until the seventh inning. 

Memphis scored two runs in the final three innings, but it was not enough to best Tulane. This was the first game of the series that Tulane had no errors. They also had a big day with eight runs and 11 hits. The Tigers had seven hits and two runs for the last game of the series. 

What's next?

Tulane outscored Memphis 29-9 in four games and the Tigers have to put that behind them. The Tigers are expected travel to ECU for a four-game series starting on April 9. 

The No. 8 East Carolina Pirates are another ranked team the Tigers need to focus on. A series win or tie would be big for the Tigers, considering they have lost every game against the three ranked opponents they have played. 

The Tigers dropped the series against Tulane, but have a chance to topple a ranked opponent against ECU next. 

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