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Demand for bikes skyrockets

Big demand for bikes for exercise and transportation 

The demand for bicycles has increased so much, it may be hard to get one. 

With many gyms closed during the pandemic, people have been turning to other forms of exercise. Cycling has the triple advantage of providing exercise, getting fresh air and giving people a break from staying home so much. 

Today many people have faced challenges when it comes to enjoying their exercise. Also, with the economic downturn in the U.S., citizens need ways to commute and save money. According to the New York Times, nationwide bike sales have nearly doubled compared to last year. Bike stores have seen a major spike in sales locally and nationally. 

“I’m glad I purchased my bike a year ago because I have had trouble getting my family one,” said Christine Campbell, a University of Memphis professor. 

“ I enjoy going bike riding with my family, whether we are riding to the park or riding to the grocery store,” teacher Sharon James said. “It’s a great way for us to spend time together as a family and also save gas.” 

During this period of social justice unrest, there have been many protests around the country, and some people have used their bikes to ride together during the protests. 

Also, many bike communities have been joining to do local riding. Some companies have been replacing trucks with cargo bikes in busy areas such as Washington, D.C., and New York 

City. Although, many citizens use their bikes as a mean of transportation, cycling has been a way to stay fit for many. 

“I have to ride my bike at least one hour in the morning to get my day started and one hour later in the evening when I get off work to relax myself from a long day,” said Rilondricks Beeman. “I used to love going to the gym, but since everything is being put on hold, I still like to stay in shape during a busy day or work week.” 

According to the publication Statista, the U.S market for bicycles is estimated to be around $6 billion. Also, many local bike stores have seen a dramatic increase in sales this year. It may be very challenging to get the bikes in the store due to the practice of social distancing making sure everyone stays six feet apart with limited people in the store. Also, phone lines may be tied up due to the number of calls the stores receive. 

“Although, I have had my bike for some time now, it was challenging getting my son and husband one at the stores,” Campbell said. “I had to end up ordering their bikes online.”

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