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Campus crime report: Victim jumped by four men on campus

1. Campus gang assault

Officers responded to an assault at 499 University Aug. 27 according to a crime report filed by Officer E. Fitchpatrick.

The victim said four suspects jumped him. He said he did not know them and refused transport for his injuries. He called a family member to transport him for treatment.

The case is under investigation.

2. Campus television theft

Officers responded to a theft from Fogelman College of Business on Sept. 3 according to a crime report filed by Officer J. Vickers.

The complainant said she arrived for work this morning and noticed the big screen TV was missing. The complainant contacted Tech Services and the television vendor to find out if the television was removed, all denied removing the TV.

The complainant could not locate a model or serial number for the TV at the time of the report.

3. Wallet stolen from campus vending area

Officers responded to a theft from West Centennial Place on Sept. 2 according to a crime report filed by Officer S. Grisham.

The victim told campus police he lost his wallet in the West Centennial vending area and someone stole it. Surveillance video captured the suspect picking up the wallet and removing the money inside before placing it a FedEx box and throwing the box away in the trash.

The wallet was recovered from the trash. Its contents are still missing.

4. Campus police investigate a suspicious person

Officers responded to a suspicious person call at Desoto and State Street on Sept. 1 according to a crime report filed by Officer L. Young.

Young was patrolling Rawls dorm and smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from a red Dodge. Young turned on his blue lights and made contact with the suspect. The suspect said he had a small amount of marijuana on him and a couple of scales in the car.

The suspect was given a misdemeanor citation, and all items were taken to the MPD property room. The incident took place in Shelby County.

5. Campus credit card fraud

Officers responded to a theft at Centennial Place Aug. 27 according to a crime report filed by Officer A. Daniels.

The victim said that she was having car trouble when an unknown male approached and offered her help. He took her keys with her attached wallet and attempted to get the vehicle to start. The victim went to call for assistance after the car could not start. The suspect left with her credit card and made several fraudulent charges off campus before the victim could cancel her card.

A fraud report was also filed with the Memphis Police Department. The case is under investigation.

6. Campus trespassing

Officers responded to a campus trespassing at the University Center Aug. 27 according to a crime report filed by R. Phillips.

The suspect was located and identified as Naim Muhammad. Muhammad was arrested at the same location for warrants Feb. 14 and at the time he was placed on trespass.

Phillips placed Muhammad in custody and transported him to 201 Poplar for criminal trespass.

7. Campus car vandalism

Officers responded to vandalism in lot 15 near South Hall Aug. 26 according to a crime report filed by Officer T. Crowe.

The victim, who resides in South Hall, said he noticed several cuts and slits in his front left tire Aug. 26. There was no other damage to the vehicle.

The victim placed a spare tire on his vehicle and moved his vehicle to another location. Photos were taken of the victim’s tire and the parking lot.

8. Illegal marijuana usage

Officers responded to a complaint call at Centennial Place Apartments Aug. 22 according to a crime report filed by Officer S. Grisham.

Grisham spoke with one of the resident advisor who said the smell was coming from room 230-B. RA’s knocked on the door and got no answer. The RA’s keyed into the room and saw a clear glass bong that smelled like marijuana. The room was empty at the time officers Grisham and Davidson were retrieving the bong. Suspect Elliot Chiasson returned to the room and said the bong was his.

Chiasson also gave officers three small containers of marijuana that tested positive at the MPD property room.

9. Campus purse theft

Officers responded to a theft from Rudi E. Scheidt music building Aug. 21 according to a campus police report filed by Officer K. Straub

The victim said she left her purse under a table in an office on the second floor of the music building. She stepped away for five minutes, and when she came back, her purse was gone. She checked for her cellphone and officers recovered the phone. The cellphone was the only item recovered.

The cellphone was recovered at Central Avenue east of Grandview. The phone was processed for ridge detail.

10. Campus vending machine theft

Officers responded to a theft from Jones Hall Aug. 20 according to a campus police report filed by C. Berry.

The complainant said he was restocking the vending machine in Jones Hall when he discovered that the dollar bill container had been tampered with. Eighty dollars were missing from the machine. There was no visible damage to the vending machine, and the machine was still serviceable. 

There is a camera on the southwest portion of the lobby near the vending area.

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