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Bottoms up! Research finds women drink more wine

Research shows that women drink more wine

University of Memphis graduate Christine Cabrera once ended her day by kicking off her shoes and crawling into bed with her laptop to read the latest Buzzfeed articles, but not anymore.

Now that she started her first real job, she likes to wind down with a tall glass of wine. Her favorite is a Riesling.

“Drinking wine helps me let go of my stress from the day and helps me relax,†Cabrera said. “It signals my body that I am no longer at work. I don’t have to answer any more questions or emails; it’s me time.â€

Cabrera’s habits are not unique. Wine consumption is a growing trend across the United States, and women are the driving force behind it. In fact, women account for 57 percent of wine volume in America, according to a study conducted by Jennifer Pagano, the director of Research for Wine Market Council.

Jim Wilson, owner of Delta Blues Winery in Lakeland, Tennessee, is not surprised that 65 percent of the Winery’s customers are female. Wilson and his wife Sheila see more and more women stop by the Winery every day.

“We have more women than men coming to the winery,†Wilson said. “They usually say that a friend told them about us.â€

Delta Blues Winery is not the only place women are visiting to combine wine with shopping. A study conducted by Nielsen Beverage and Alcohol Practice shows that 66 percent of female wine purchases are planned, and businesses are using this information to attract more customers.

Charming Charlie, a women’s accessories store in Memphis that is also popular throughout the United States, is carrying more and more wine related products such as wine glasses, bedazzled wine stoppers and T-shirts that say “Save Water, Drink Wine.â€

Morgan Lewellen is a frequent shopper at the location in the Wolfchase Mall.

“When [Charming Charlie] started carrying all the wine stuff, I got really excited,†Lewellen said. “I bought two wine glasses and a little wine carrier bag.â€

Even some fitness studios now offer “Yoga and Wine†classes where women and can do 45 minutes of hot yoga and then cool down with a nice cold glass of Moscato.

Increased wine consumption can, however, have its drawbacks. Overdrinking can cause problems such as depression, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, mental health problems and other severe health issues, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Wine drinking can also be a sign of class. Nearly 74 percent of women with a master’s degree and higher drink more wine than women without an undergraduate diploma, according to the CDC. The center also found that women who earn higher incomes are far more likely to drink than women who earn less.

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