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Sights and sounds from UofM Homecoming: Silent Disco

Students had a blast Tuesday as they celebrated Day 3 of Homecoming week. The event was a ‘90s and 2000s themed silent disco party. 

The University of Memphis has been doing silent discos for years, but it was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, students were able to party once again.

Before heading into the UC Ballroom, each student was given a set of headphones. The headphones had three channels—the channel colors consisted of red, green and blue. 

Three DJs were present and each had their own color for the night. Students could flip the channels back and forth to listen to the DJs’ song selections. 

“I’ve had a lot of fun, and I love DJing for everybody,” DJ Solo said, whose color was green. “I like working with the other DJs trying to make sure I don’t play what they play and letting them have some songs too, just so everybody can have different stations to listen to.”

Throughout the night, there was a nice variation of music, ranging from R&B love songs, to old school jams, house music, hip hop and line dancing songs. 

“The silent disco party was pretty fun and I enjoyed it a lot,” Lauren Johnson said, who is a student here at the University of Memphis.

As Homecoming week continues, students can attend more events, such as the Bluff City Bash featuring Young Dolph and Waka Flacka on Thursday, the NPHC Alumni Yard Party on Friday and finally, the football Homecoming game against SMU on Saturday. 

Devin Clark

BJ Gibbs

Devin Clark