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Eye On the Tiger: Jordan Lamber, the Senior Dedicated to Giving Back to the Community

The University of Memphis encourages students to be "driven by doing." This mindset of determination and hands-on learning brings out expectational students.

One of those expectational students is Jordan Lambert, a 21-year-old senior studying journalism and creative mass media at the University of Memphis.

"I'm a busybody," said Lambert. "I like to stay busy."

Lambert serves as the president of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. As president, Lambert has many obligations and responsibilities. A large part of her duties is communicating between members and outreach members. She is also responsible for ensuring that she and the members of her sorority comply with ordinances passed down from the upper levels of the DeltaSigma Theta organization. Lambert is also in charge of representing the sorority at events.

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is part of "The Divine Nine," the nickname for the National Pan-Hellenic Council. The council is in charge of policy, behaviors, and affairs of the Historically African American International Sororities and Fraternities.

Lambert admits she's always wanted to be involved in a Divine Nine sorority and knew for most of her life that she wanted to be part of Delta Sigma Theta.

Several influential women in Lambert's life were members of the sorority, and Delta Sigma Theta's core values ring especially true to her.

"The three principles that we stand on are service, sisterhood, and scholarship," Lambert said.

Service is central to both Lambert and Sigma Theta. Growing up, Lambert participated in Girls Scouts and volunteered at her church often, developing a passion for community service.

DST organizes outreach projects often. One outreach program of the sorority is Serving 901, in which the sisters meet once a month to help clean up the city. Occasionally the sisters will meet on a Saturday and organize something for the community.

The sisters also strive to promote certain topics they feel strongly about, such as education, economic development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political action and awareness.

"[We're] just making sure that while we are servicing the community, we are also educating the community," said Lambert.

Lambert says she would recommend joining a sorority, not only for the bonds you make with the other members but also for the opportunities.

"Being part of a sorority, I've grown so much. There are so many opportunities and doors that have been opened," said Lambert. "It's just a good thing to be a part of, and Delta Sigma Theta especially is a great sorority and organization to be a part of."

When she's not servicing her community or studying, she keeps herself occupied with numerous other organizations. Lambert is president of the University of Memphis NAACP chapter while also serving as the marketing director for the Civil Engagement Board. She also enjoys mentoring others.

"I do try and do as much as possible, but during my free time, I'm probably watching Netflix," said Lambert.

So what is next for Lambert?

After graduation, Lambert's dream job is to be a content strategist for a marketing firm. She also wants to remain in Memphis, at least for a while.

"That's the dream," said Lambert.

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