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The New Film Club Brings Movies And Communities Together

For the last few years, it had been challenging to build clubs, but now that the world is returning to normal, organizations have started to sprout across campus-- the new official Film Club is a result of that.

The new Film Club at the University of Memphis brings students together to discuss various movie topics. From the flicks they love to ones they have yet to see, those participating offer many insights.

Every official club on the University of Memphis campus needs a faculty advisor, and Professor Marty Lang decided to fill that role for this particular group.

Lang, who initially brought the idea of a Film Club to the Department of Communication and Film, is a professor in said department. Not only is he a director, writer, and actor, but he has also produced films in nine states, playing in theaters, film festivals, and television.

"I work as a member of the Outreach Committee in the Department of Communication & Film," Lang says, "and we've been looking for ways to increase enrollment in the department. We thought a Film Club would be a great idea, so I volunteered to be the faculty advisor for it."

Lang's goal for the club is to create a community of students who love movies and plan events where students can watch, talk and create some of their own.

Every month, the club decides on a theme and chooses four movies that fit it.

Recently, the club watched "It Follows," a psychological horror film about a woman that has to deal with a monster following her wherever she goes.

As with every meeting, after the film ends, the group talks about the film, discussing what they liked, disliked, symbolism and other attributes.

"I am most looking forward to the endless possibilities in regards to our film screenings," says Connor Stevens, the club's president.

"We have talked about having special guests like faculty members from campus as well as local filmmakers here in the city. I love being in an environment where people are able to have a blast talking about and discussing film in a fun and mature manner. It is my favorite topic to discuss, so having a club that allows us to do this is very exciting, in my opinion."

The club has a relaxed tone as members bring in food while they watch the movie, and others whisper to their friends to comment on the film.

"I am majoring in film," says Julio Manriquez, a member of the club, "and since I have not had many classes in the film department, it is interesting to see all of the people who are actually in the department and under the same major as me. It is actually really cool."

Stevens says he would love to get more members in and outside the film department, and he is using social media and word of mouth to increase attendance.

The club meets on Mondays at 4:15 p.m. in the Journalism Auditorium.

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