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Dixon Gardens Hosts Memphis Flower Show: Rhythm & Hues, Showcases Vibrant Displays

Memphis Garden Club presented its biennial Memphis Flower Show on April 13 and 14 at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens. One of only eight major flower shows that are sanctioned by the Garden Club of America, its theme this year was Rhythm & Hues. The show was divided into five distinct divisions: Floral Design, Horticultural Design, Photography, Botanical Arts and Conservation.

The Floral Design division challenged participants of the flower show to incorporate art into various floral arrangements. The Horticultural Design division included cut flowers, cut branches and foliage and plants grown in containers. The Photography division, which is highlighted every two years, encompassed the world’s nature in different spectrums of life, whether through land, sea or different aspectsof natural lifestyles. The Botanical Arts division focused on implementing botanical life into different forms of jewelry and accessories. Finally, the Conservation exhibit provided education specifically on water conservation through rain gardens at home, as well as tips on how to avoid water runoffs.


The exhibition was made possible by Kathryn Painter and Kaki Smith, co-chairs of this year’s Memphis Flower Show, as well as Pam Martin, the president of the Memphis Garden Club.

“I was truly captivated by the Memphis Flower Show,” said Tamia Hale, a U of M freshman who got to visit the Dixon Galleries for the show over the weekend. “The experience was refreshingly unique and eye-opening, and witnessing the artistry of combining diverse plants into breathtaking displays was nothing short of a masterpiece. Each exhibit was a testament to creativity, leaving me in awe.”


“The harmonious blend of colors painted a mesmerizing landscape that was simply enchanting,” said Amarria Greer, a U of M freshman also present at the show. “Moreover, discovering new plant varieties added an educational dimension to the event. I am eager to attend again and see the innovative creations these talented artists will unveil next.”

Photo credit to Jeff Box for all images.

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