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Tigers PA Announcer Misidentifies Calvin Austin III, Austin Responds

This past week, the University of Memphis celebrated its homecoming. After hosting numerous events for consecutive days, the observance ended with the football game versus #25 UCF.

However, Tigers fans did not get the results they hoped for, as the home team lost 35-28.

Nonetheless, several special guests attended to cheer on the Tigers. Former players such as Issac Bruce and Anthony Miller appeared, and Memphis Grizzlies guard Desmond Bane also came to support.

Additionally, former Tiger and current Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin III returned to the Liberty Bowl Stadium.

However, the jumbotron showed someone that was not Austin.

Many pointed out the issue on social media, including Austin himself. Austin took to Twitter to voice his frustration to a fan who shared the same confusion.

“Lol because I was at the game, but they don’t show any love. Won’t catch me at another game any time soon. S/O my bros on the team tho. Let’s finish this.”

Tigers alumni Kedarian Jones and Kylan Watkins commented on the situation, explaining the school’s history of not showing appreciation.

Austin would later laugh about the situation and continue to show gratitude to the fans and players.

The University has yet to comment or apologize to Austin for the mishap, but the situation is not a good look for the program.

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