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Campus crime report: Multiple car break-ins during February

3.15.19 crime map

1. Student deceived by spam mail

A student who works in the University of Memphis math department was a victim of fraud, according to a crime report filed by Officer Claude Berry on March 6.

The student received a spam email that was sent in the name of his employer asking him to obtain three $100 Google Play Store gift cards. As requested in the email, the student scratched out the gift cards, took a picture of the codes and sent them to another email address, according to the crime report. 

The victim’s employer notified IT after becoming aware her name was being used to gain access to students and faculty members. The student is the only victim to come forward so far.

2. Fraudulent use of UofM ID card

A students UofM card was used in various locations, resulting in $200 worth of unauthorized purchases, according to a crime report filed by Officer Tina Crowe on Feb. 27. 

The victim noticed her card was missing a week before the report was filed. The ID was turned in to the front desk of the Tiger Bookstore, where she works, Feb. 25. 

3. Car break-ins at Central Avenue parking lot

A student found the door lock on his car was punched and his radio and GPS were missing, according to a crime report filed by officer Berry on Feb. 26.

Three more vehicles with similar damage and items missing were found at the scene.

4. Association for Women Attorneys banner stolen

The AWA banner was stolen at the law school campus Feb. 26, according to a crime report filed by Officer Glenda Bowie.

It appears the bright pink banner had been cut loose from its position on the flagpole at North Front Street.

5. Car break-ins on and near campus

Two cars were broken into Feb. 25, according to two crime reports filed by Officer Tommy Smith.

In an apparent attempt to steal the vehicle, one car had the door lock on the driver’s side popped out and the steering column casing broken in the Central parking lot. Fingerprints were taken, but there were no prints of value found.

A car that was parked on DeSoto Avenue near the dorm at the Living Learning Complex was broken into. A baseball cap and knife were stolen. 

6. Threats via text

A student and her friend were threatened via text by an ex-boyfriend, according to a crime report filed by Officer Jeremy Smith on Feb. 21. The case is under investigation.

7. Sale with counterfeit money

A student sold his Xbox and was paid with counterfeit money Feb. 12, according to a crime report filed by Officer John Hudgens. 

The sale took place near the Recreation Center. The counterfeit money was taken into evidence.

8. Trespassing near Fogelman College

A 56-year-old man was taken into custody near the Fogelman College of Business and Economics on Feb. 18, according to a crime report filed by Officer Randy Phillips. Officers said the man had trespassed before in March 2018. The man is not a student at the UofM and has been found sleeping on campus before. 

9. Pistol and speakers stolen from car

A student reported his speakers and father’s gun were taken after his car was broken into Feb. 15, according to a crime report filed by officer James Vickers.

The student noticed the missing items after he drove to work. His car was parked in the Southern Avenue parking lot near South Hall the night before, according to the crime report. The student said there was no damage or visible point of entry to the car.

10. Attempted car theft

An attempted car theft took place in the Central Avenue parking lot near the Barbara K. Lipman Early Childhood School and Research Center on Feb. 14, according to a crime report filed by officer Vickers.

After returning from class, the student noticed his vehicle had been ransacked, and the consoles were open. Nothing was missing, but the car would not start. No prints could be located by the officer.

11. Car theft on Central

A 21-year-old student’s car was stolen Feb. 1, according to a crime report filed by officer Kelly Straub. 

The victim had parked his car on Central Avenue around 9:15 a.m. and discovered it was missing when he returned an hour later.

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