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Amelia Bullard

MLK 50 photo 1

MLK50 honors King’s legacy while charting the course ahead

As people stood in front of the National Civil Rights Museum in Downtown Memphis on Wednesday and listened to the words of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gina Belafonte and Bernice King (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter) and the echo of the infamous Mountaintop speech, observers such as ...

Evolution of Sex 1

Safety Net and Stonewall Tigers host "Evolution of Sex"

Proper knowledge of consent, as well as proper sexual education and where to go to find information on both subjects, is not always accessible for college students. A group discussion, called “Evolution of Sex”, on Wednesday allowed students to be educated on the whole sexual spectrum. Stonewall ...

Walk Out 3

Memphis students join nationwide protest against gun violence

Students across the United States demanded action against gun violence in a National School Walkout one month after the shooting that left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. University of Memphis students joined the nationwide protest Wednesday and observed a moment ...

The Setonian

Stigmas may cause black students' low graduation rate

The University of Memphis is proof 50 years later society is moving forward, but based on the percentage of African-American student’s graduating on time, the stigmas preventing black students from seeking higher education in the past might be affecting them now. Shortly after Martin Luther King, ...

The Setonian

Smartphones can have negative effect on health, studies find

It is not uncommon to see many people walking around looking down at their smartphones or to see people slouched while sending a text message, but there are long-term effects that  poor posture from holding cell phones and working at computers could have on the neck and spinal cord of young adults, ...

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