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UofM Students Anticipate the 2024 Presidential Election

As we rapidly approach the 2024 Presidential Election, there are many issues on the minds of Americans, particularly college students. In a recent survey conducted by the Daily Helmsman, 20 University of Memphis students were asked to answer several different questions, ranging from what issues they believed were important to the fitness of the candidates running.

Of these issues, the biggest concern of UofM students was the increasing cost of living. The second biggest concern was inflationand interest rates, and the third is a tie between abortion access and education.

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Among those surveyed, half have decided whom they will be voting for, while the other half is undecided.

Among those surveyed about who they plan to vote for, 44.4% have not decided who they will be voting for, 22.2% will be voting for Donald Trump, 22.2% will be voting for Biden and 11.1% will be voting for a third party.

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The survey also revealed that UofM students lacked confidence in the legitimacy and security of the election process. Among respondents, there is an even split, with half saying they are somewhat confident, and the other half saying they are not very confident or extremely unconfident in the election system.

Another issue on respondents’ minds is if President Joe Biden is mentally fit to serve a second term. Seventy five percent of respondents said no, probably not or are just unsure all together. In addition, 75% of respondents believe that the candidates are too old to be running for president.

Finally, respondents are not sure of the legal fitness of Donald Trump to be running for president due to potential criminal activity, with 45% of those surveyed believing he is not legally eligible to run, with another 25% unsure about it.

The 2024 election promises to be a competitive race, with many questions surrounding it that will likely not be answered until November 5.

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