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University of Memphis Tigerchor and Mazi Dazzle in Collaborative Concert

Memphis’s Tigerchor and Mazi choral ensembles showcased their talents at their annual collaborative concert this past Tuesday.

“As choral artists, we seek to program a diverse repertoire that is educational to our students but also gives the audience a variety of palates and musical choices they can latch on to,” said Dr. Francis Cathlina, conductor of the Mazi (Soprano/Alto) choir and director of choral activities at UofM.

Hundreds of students and supportive parents, relatives and friends visited the Scheidt Family Performing Arts Center to experience the performances on March 26.

Attendees were serenaded by the soulful performances of classic pieces by both choirs and by the raw energy and passion of the more modern and energetic pieces.

“It’s just such a great time and such a vital part of my time at school so far,” said Madison Penn, a sophomore music business major and member of the Mazi ensemble.

The overall flow of the concert was cohesive, with each song blending and connecting to the prior.

The Tigerchor (Tenor/ Bass) ensemble performed first, highlighted by an energetic rendition of Stephen Foster’s “If You’ve Only Got a Mustache.” Afterward, both ensembles collaborated to sing Hezekiah Walker’s “You’re All I Need,” followed by the Mazi ensemble’s performance.

“Dr. Cathlina does a great job of connecting us with one another with things we do in class,” Penn said.

The concert also showcased the musical talent of the accompanying musicians playing every instrument used in the performance.

“They are an incredible group of humans, singers and artists. This group is a non-auditioned choir, and they have come together to bring something so beautiful and meaningful,” Cathlina said. “In three words, I love them.”

The University of Memphis’ “University Singers” SATB choir will have headlined the final concert of the 2024 Spring semester on April 2 at the Scheidt Family Performing Arts Center. This concert is titled “Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics,” with Dr. Cathlina serving as conductor and assistance from collaborative pianist Amy Nguyen.

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