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Cultural Elegance On Display at Annual Indian Student Association Gala

The Indian Student Association of the University of Memphis shared their cultural flair at their annual on-campus gala this past Thursday in the UC Ballroom.

“We do have a big Indian population on campus now,” said Preet Shah, the president and primary officer of the Indian Student Association (ISA). “We just want people to come and have fun.”

The event itself drew a large number of people from diverse backgrounds, showing that the ISA is not only open to Indian students. As stated on their community website, “ISA is not exclusive to solely Indian students, but to everyone who is interested in learning about South Asian culture.”

With the theme of “Masquerade,” masked students from all different types of ethnic backgrounds danced the night away while every aspect of Indian culture was put on creative display.

In the midst of the vibrant colors and cultural masterpieces displayed, guests were also treated to authentic Indian food, as well as Bollywood music and dance.

In addition to the yearly gala, the ISA hosts celebrations in honor of all of the Indian festivals, including Holi and Diwali. Through these diverse celebrations, students are invited to learn more about the culture and find fellowship within the community.

“We aim to spread our Indian culture to anyone who comes to our events,” Shah said. “We host multiple signature events, but this is our annual event.”

The gathering was a general success for the organiza- tion and showed the diversity and inclusion at UofM, a testament to the power of cultural expression and unity.

The Indian Student Association, in collaboration with the International Students Association, invites all students to their Holi Festival on March 29 in the International Center. More details can be found on the TigerZone app.

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