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Middle School Teacher Hosts Weekly Trivia Nights at Belltower Coffeehouse

Each Wednesday at 6 p.m., Belltower Coffeehouse on the Highland Strip hosts their weekly trivia night. The idea for trivia night was first suggested by a server with a flare for performance. Josie Grooms is a full-time middle school teacher, a part- time barista, and possesses a passion for hosting trivia nights.

“I really love hosting trivia. When I first moved to Memphis, I did thatas a part-time job. It didn’t really work out,” Grooms said. “I havea theatre background, and so I have a lotof fun performing.” Grooms loves being on stage in front of people, and trivia nights are how they express this love.

In 2022, Belltower started a wine bar, and they were looking for ways to bring peoplein during later hours. This was the birth of Belltower trivia nights.

“I approached the owner with it. I had all the physical materials and all the questions. It was just picking a day and a time and promotion,” Grooms said.

Most Wednesdays,it is just general knowledge trivia,but on February 14, Valentine’s Day, there was a special twist on trivia night. Grooms invited Syel Sherrill, one of their friends and coworkers, to host anime night.

“Previously, we have had a themed trivia, and so I was like, I want to do that again. Plus, I have always wanted to host. I always thought it looked kind of fun, so I thought, you know what? I know a lot of anime,” Sherrill said. This was Sherrill’s first time hosting a trivia night.

Sherril and Grooms worked very closely on the questions to ensure that anime night was a success.

Every Monday, Grooms will post an announcement onthe Belltower Trivia Instagram account, reminding people about weekly trivia night. In addition, on Wednesday, they will post hints to questions for that night’s trivia, incentivizing people to follow their Instagram and stay informed on what is going on.

“We have had a couple people come in who do not know when it starts. Someone came in tonight asking if it was a cosplay night,” Grooms said.

Grooms has brought together a community in these weekly trivia nights and they maintain a good record of bringing people back week to week.

“People say I keep a good pace,” Grooms said. “I ask good questions and play good music.” Other trivia nights that Grooms has been to go on for too long.

“If you know a little or know a lot, you’ll know at least one question right, and you will have fun while doing it,” said Grooms.

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