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Let's Talk Leadership: The Student Ambassador Board

There are a variety of amazing student organizations that help students enhance and evolve their leadership skills, and make an impact not only on the University of Memphis campus, but the wider community as well. This week the Daily Helmsman is highlighting one of those organizations; the Student Ambassador Board.

The Student Ambassador Board (SAB) is a group of knowledgeable, cultivating, motivated, and trailblazing students that assist with many major events at the University of Memphis. Through hosting and organizing events students gain leadership skills they can use in their future careers, as well as make connections within the community.

“I would say the purpose of SAB is to help people become great leaders,” said Laresha Gregory, a senior who currently serves as the vice president of SAB. “It’s also a great networking organization.”

SAB holds various alumni events that provide students with networking opportunities, and connect with a variety of great people that are making a difference within the community. For example, the SAB assists with commencement ceremonies that held following the fall, spring and summer terms. While this organization is a hub for developing leadership skills and contacts, SAB also offers students a chance to gain personal development with etiquette dinners. These SAB-hosted etiquette dinners allow students the innovative chance to establish, develop, or brush up on their dining skills when in a professional setting.

SAB also provides students the opportunity to directly speak to U of M President Bill Hardgrave. Gregory said the SAB hosts a luncheon with President Hardgrave that typically takes place at the beginning of the fall term. This luncheon is a chance for students to get to know President Hardgrave, as well as chat with him about any concerns they may have. “Almost every event we’ve worked, the President has been there, and some of us he knows by name, so I think that's a good thing,” Gregory said.

SAB applications are currently open - the organization is looking for students interested in becoming positive leaders willing to inspire, impact and influence the student body. Gregory stated that the organization seeks out students who are transparent in communication, capable of having flexibility when it comes to their schedule, and most importantly, someone who is outgoing. “The majority of the people on the board are very outgoing, and they don’t have a problem with talking to anyone or doing anything outside of their comfort zone,” Gregory said.

Applications to SAB close September 30. Visit SAB's page on Tiger Zone to apply.

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