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U of M Bookstore to Reopen After Management Changes to Barnes and Noble College

Following a management change to Barnes and Noble College, the University of Memphis campus bookstore will reopen after nearly two weeks with a transformed space. The bookstore officially closed on Sept. 30 and will reopen on Monday, Oct. 10. Students will be able to attend the new store upon returning from fall break.

In an email sent to university students last week, Raaj Kurapati, the Executive Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer, discussed the bookstore changes.

"This change brings a number of exciting new additions for the UofM community, including a focus on textbook access and affordability, greater apparel options, and refreshed spaces," Kurapati wrote.

One common concern about the closed bookstore is the loss of the campus Starbucks for a few weeks. While coffee drinkers and frequent customers may be frustrated, the university offers other solutions to help during espresso withdrawals.

"During this period of time, the Starbucks on Central Campus will also be closed. For other dining options, including Grind City Coffee in the Maxine A. Smith University Center, you can visit the UofM dining home page," Kurapati included.

A variety of similar product options are available around campus, including Grind City, Einstein's Brothers Bagels, the Tiger Den, and the markets located throughout several buildings. Due to fall break, hours of operation may differ from the regular schedule.

It is no secret how expensive textbooks can be for students - paying hundreds of dollars for a book only to use it a few times in the semester. Fortunately, the university offers several solutions to diminish the cost.

Under the new B&N college management, textbooks, apparel, and other products are expected to be a bit cheaper.

One of the missions of Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. is to offer cost-efficient solutions to all.

"Today, BNED is a company serving all who work to elevate their lives through education, driving affordability, access, and achievement at hundreds of academic institutions nationwide and ensuring millions of students are equipped for success in the classroom and beyond," according to the Barnes & Noble college website.

"From delivering the optimal content at the best prices to offering a convenient and seamless operational experience, we provide our campus partners the complete solutions they need to support student and faculty success – inside and out of the classroom," states the B&N college site.

With this new management, students can look forward to an updated environment with a cheaper price tag.

B&N College also prides itself on the retail experience they offer universities.

"Barnes & Noble College is reimagining collegiate retail with a seamless, omni-channel customer experience, unmatched merchandise assortment, and next generation ecommerce capabilities, all tailored to each institution that we serve," they state.

Zoe Lifsey, a sophomore and bookstore employee, discussed the changes coming to the store, saying the transfer will provide upgrades to benefit employees and students.

"Our registers will be much better than they were. The aesthetic appearance will be different," Lifsey said.

All current bookstore employees were allowed to return to their jobs under the new management and increased salary.

"Our pay has been raised," Lifsey said.

With the changes set to be implemented, students can look forward to an advanced space and an upgraded shopping experience for all.

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