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Super Bowl Roundtable: Average it out, and we have the right scores

It all comes down to this. The Los Angeles Rams are taking on the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium tomorrow. After an entire college football season of our astounding, incredibly accurate predictions – the Daily Helmsman sports staff is back to give you our best predictions on the showdown between the northern youngsters and the veteran west-coasters. Also joining this round table is our editor-in-chief and self-proclaimed life-long, and totally unbiased, Matthew Stafford supporter, Lucas Finton.

James Brisentine – Rams: 24 Bengals: 17

We’ve all found ourselves rooting for the Bengals and Joe “Sheisty” as these playoffs have gone on. It would be an amazing Cinderella story if they were able to break through and win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for them, they are running towards a team that is beyond loaded. The Rams have talent everywhere, and are playing really well on both sides of the ball. Although Cincinnati will stay in the game, the Rams defense, specifically the secondary, will prove to be too much. I’ve got a bold prediction of Jalen Ramsey taking home Super Bowl MVP.

Rowan Jane – Rams: 17 Bengals: 24

The underdog Cincinnati Bengals are going to take it this year.  LA is obviously the favorite pick; but, I have a good feeling about the Bengals. I think Joe Burrow is a great example of a comeback story, which isn’t a hot take seeing he was voted the NFL’s comeback player of the year this season. Lining up alongside offensive rookie of the year Ja’Marr Chase (1455 yards, 13 touchdowns this season) this year, who played alongside him in college at LSU, and you can see the chemistry they have on the field. They also have running back Joe Mixon who rushed for 1205 yards and scored 13 touchdowns himself during the regular season, another asset to the team. I think the fact that the Bengals’ weakness is their run defense, is also their upper hand, because the Rams don’t have a great running offense this year. Cam Akers tends to fumble, University of Memphis alumni Darrell Henderson Jr. is injury prone, and Sony Michel is simply average in my opinion. However, the Rams do have a loaded good defense, but they bought their team so it’s to be expected. 

Lucas Finton – Rams: 27 Bengals: 20

I think I speak for every Detroit fan when I say, “Told you so.” I have spent over half of my life (a whopping twelve years) defending Matt Stafford’s status as winning quarterback if he only had help. Well Stafford got help and watch out because he’s on a mission to solidify his legacy as an elite quarterback that was mistreated for over a decade by my own organization. Yeah, it’s a bit like watching your ex achieve massive amounts of success after leaving you, but this man deserves everything he’s getting in LA. I could be biased, but I’m also pragmatic when it comes to my predictions. It’s inevitable that Stafford will throw at least one pick, but he can do that when his defense features legendary players like Aarron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and Von Miller. Joe Burrow has had an absolutely insane season, but his offensive line let him get sacked NINE times against the Titans – a team that averaged 2.5 per game all season long. Now he’s going up against a team that averaged almost 3 sacks per game this season. All I have to say is good luck Joe and say your prayers. As a certified Matthew Stafford expert, and awestruck Evan McPherson watcher, this game is going to look like it’s heading to overtime, but the Bengals are going to leave too much time on the clock. Rams will take home the Lombardi Trophy in a walk-off touchdown to who else but Cooper Kupp.

Liaudwin Seaberry – Rams: 24 Benals: 27 

With the Bengals and Rams both possessing high-powered offenses behind their star quarterbacks, I think this game comes down to who gets the most stops on the defensive end. Throughout the playoffs, both defenses have shown the ability to step up to the challenge at times (the Rams against the Buccaneers, and the Bengals against Kansas City). Cooper Kupp is arguably the best receiver in the game, and his exploits will be on full display Sunday evening. With Joe Burrow and JaMarr Chase spearheading the Cincinnati passing attack, along with a dose of star back Joe Mixon, the Bengals find a way to overcome a very talented Rams defense, led by Aaron Donald, and emerge victorious. While Rams first year Matthew Stafford reaches the Super Bowl for the first time ever, his quest to gain the title will fall just short.

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