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Live Museum: Notable Figures in Black History

On Monday afternoon, The NAACP Chapter at The University of Memphis arranged a live museum reenacting prominent African American figures.

The museum displayed students presenting the historical figures journeys and how it made them significant.

Katrina Heard, NAACP Advisor, is one of the event organizers.

“This event highlights historical figures that have made a difference to Black culture. As a result, it provides informative information for the campus community.” Heard said.

Starting in 2017, each year focuses on a different theme of Black excellence at the museum . Notable doctors, nurses and civil rights activists were all presented during this exhibit. 

“Mae Jemison, Michelle Obama, Rebecca Lee crumpler, Patricia Bath, Samuel Kountz, Mary Eliza Mahoney, Kizzekia Corbett, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. This year’s theme for BHM Was Black health and wellness and the historical figures represented positive strides in healthcare, medicine and community health.” Heard said.

Students, faculty, staff and visitors that were on campus tours visited the event. More than 300 people stopped and read the journeys of these remarkable figures.

“There is continual traffic throughout the event from classes, faculty/staff and students. This year we had many grade schoolers visit because of President’s Day.” Heard stated.

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