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Black creativity hits the runway for BSA fashion show

<p>Photo: Noah Stewart</p>
Photo: Noah Stewart

The Black Student Association presented its annual fashion show Sunday night in the University Center. The event was held so that attendees could view the most recent art by local fashion designers.

Erick Rivers, fashion show chair, was one of the organizers of the event.

In a previous interview with the Helmsman, he spoke about what attendees could expect to see at the event.

“We have some amazing black owned designers with new collections that the people will be able to see firsthand at the show. For the models, we have some experienced models who’ve done the show before as well as new models who’s worked hard on the runway,” Rivers stated.

This year’s theme was “50 Shades of Melanin” to show how multifaceted Black people are with fashion design.

“The reason for this is to let people know that all Black people are not the same stereotypes people label us as. People say that we’re ghetto and ratchet so these categories will let the people know that we are different,” Rivers said.

The Black Student Association Fashion Show started 53 years ago and is still occurring. This is essential to highlight for students wanting to start designing and give inspiration to those who are inspired.

“This event is important because it’s not only giving black own businesses the chance to show their products, but it also gives them support from the people to purchase their products. As for BSA, it’s important to us because we are giving the support towards black own businesses,” Rivers explained.

Photo: Noah Stewart

Photo: Noah Stewart

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