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BurgerIM: The burger joint on Highland you might be overlooking

BurgerIM, located on the Highland strip, offers gourmet burgers made with beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, or falafel.

Customers can order a burger by itself or make it a meal with a soft drink and choice of BurgerIM fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries or styled fries.

The restaurant also offers a duo or trio combo where customers purchase two or three burgers with different toppings.

Don’t want a burger? They also offer wings smothered in buffalo, barbecue or sweet crunchy chili garlic sauces.

And to satisfy your sweet tooth, milkshakes are also available in four flavors: cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate, and good old-fashioned vanilla.

“The most popular burger would be the Spanish beef or the Angus beef burger. My favorite would be the Spanish burger,” said Robbie, one of the restaurant staff members.

Robbie has been working at BurgerIM for just over two months now. The Spanish burger is a ⅓ Lb. beef patty with habanero aioli, grilled jalapeno, leaf lettuce, and pepper jack cheese while the Angus beef burger is a ⅓ Lb. beef patty with house sauce, leaf lettuce, Roma tomato, pickles, shaved onion, and American cheese.

Even though the restaurant is located a block away from the University of Memphis campus, not many students eat at the restaurant. “Not as many, as I thought it would be, considering that UofM is close, but no, there are not a lot of college kids that come here,” Robbie said.

Amber Arnold a student at the University of Memphis stopped in after the Homecoming game for a bite to eat. Arnold got a 12-piece chicken meal with a chocolate milkshake. “They were okay, a little fatty, but it's a burger place,” Arnold said.

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