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Students begin to plan their breaks as summer edges closer

The Spring 2021 semester is coming to an end, and some University of Memphis students have big plans for the summer. 

Tate Cronin, a student at the UofM, is putting his PR and writing skills to use. 

“I plan on working as a barista and starting my PR internship position,” Cronin said. “I will also work on writing, including the book I have been working on for two years.” 

Cronin is not the only student with a busy summer ahead of him. University of Memphis student Alex Winstead has many plans for the summer. 

“Recently, I have started taking donations monthly to make bags to hand out to homeless people, and last month I was able to make 49 bags that included water, granola bars, toothpaste, and electrolyte packets,” Winstead said. “This summer I hope to continue to grow this.” 

Winstead said she has been trying to get a business, an event planning service that specializes in children’s birthdays, off the ground. Winstead said she has done three events and has two more coming this summer. She plans to volunteer this summer — although volunteer positions can be hard to find because of COVID-19. 

Winstead’s summer also will consist of 5k and 10k races, hiking, kayaking and camping trips along with her nanny duties and summer courses. “My first race will be May 1 and I can’t wait,” she said. 

Although some students have busy plans, Latesika Key’s only summer plans are to enjoy a few vacations with friends. She said she is arranging a trip and deciding between three locations including California, Miami and Las Vegas. 

Dovetta Holman, a senior at the University of Memphis, is also exploring new cities as she plans to transfer with her job. 

“I have many plans for the summer, as summer is a very busy time for me,” said Winstead. 

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