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A walk around campus, a cornerstone of college life

Although many students have adjusted to virtual learning since the spring 2020 semester and could take classes from the comfort of their homes, students miss the University of Memphis campus and shared what they love about the environment. 

Senior Jeremy Jackson, a journalism student, said he loves campus and that he misses the interactions between students and faculty. 

“I miss the events and the atmosphere of things,” he said. “I miss it all, but I love taking classes from bed — you can’t beat that.” 

Spenser Layrock, a University of Memphis alumnus, said the UofM was amazing and that he loved walking around campus with its atmosphere. Students can connect with others while attending special events, shows, basketball games and more, he said. 

“I loved experiencing the different types of people and the different events,” said Layrock. “Even though I didn’t like to participate, it was cool to see them.” 

The University has been following CDC guidelines, which resulted in cancelation and many postponed events during recent semesters to practice safety measures. While campus remained open and students could return to campus housing, protocols were in place limiting social interaction. 

“I miss the collaboration with my classmates when it comes to studying and understanding class content or doing a project,” said Paige Sandwell, a mechanical engineering major at the University of Memphis. 

The university has a variety of quiet places, and Sandwell said she likes that campus has a nice area for study, whether it is outside or inside. 

The library is biology student Mama Ndyai’s favorite area of study. Although Ndyai liked being able to socialize with students who shared the same interests as her, she said she likes going to the library and getting some quiet study time to herself even more. 

Brooke Calvo, an engineering major at the UofM, misses getting to be outside and walking from class to class while getting to see someone she knew. 

On the other side, journalism student Ciara Clark said she does not miss walking to class, but she misses the human interaction and being able to see her friends and socialize. The UofM will return to in- person classes in Fall 2021. 

“I’m looking forward to being able to sit in class and enjoy the college learning experience,” said Ndyai.

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