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Women's Basketball and AAC pile up more postponements

Another day, another dismissed game for the Memphis Women's Basketball team. 

Things became more and more uncertain after the program had to scratch their conference match with the University of Central Florida. This was the second time a game between the Tigers and the Knights was waved off, and it is the second time in a row that a game will not happen as planned. 

Having won their last two games, Memphis (4-7, 2-4 AAC) seemed to be getting things going. However, yet another roadblock has halted their progress. But just as every team in the last year has had issues with the health and safety of their athletes, the Tigers are no different.

So far, seven games have been postponed or called off due to the Memphis Tigers Women's Basketball program this season. Memphis has only completed 11 games so far, and they are seventh in the conference standings. They are behind two other teams with below .500 records.

Both games against UCF were nixed and both against SMU are being declared canceled. Other matches that might need to be rescheduled include contests against Wichita State and American Athletic Conference leader South Florida. The first game of the season was supposed to be against Southern Illinois, but that game was also never played. 

The Tigers were expecting to have 18 games under their belts at this point in the season. Now, almost half of them have not been played. Memphis is not the only team keeping their planner in an Etch-A-Sketch. The rest of the conference has had their issues as well. 

The rest of the conference's woes

A total of 40 games involving an American Athletic team have been canceled or postponed. Of those 40 games, 31 of them were AAC conference games that may not have time to be rescheduled. Only 43 games conference games have been completed.

It should be noted that 17 of those conferences game are canceled due to one team. Over half of the total conference games canceled are because one conference opponent from Texas agreed to not play another game due to COVID-19 concerns.

The SMU Mustangs started off with 23 scheduled games and only completed six of them before the remaining 17 games were canceled. After their 0-6 start, the rest of the season was stopped, despite not having a game come off the schedule prior to their final game against Temple on Dec. 20. Following the absence of SMU, only ten teams remain in the AAC. 

The South Florida Bulls only lost one game from their schedule prior to Jan. 13. The Bulls then had seven games in a row come of the schedule. The Wichita State Shockers started the season off completing their first five games, but as of now six of their previous 11 games are off the schedule. The Shockers have lost seven games in total due to health and safety issues.

UCF has seen six games come off the calendar. Tulane has had five games taken off or postponed. Houston, ECU and Temple have each said farewell to three games of their own, and they have been fortunate. 

Tulsa has skipped seven possible games. Five of their first six games were not played. Cincinnati has lost five games already from cancelations and postponements. 

The main goal at mid-season

Memphis had a rough start, but every team has so far. They must take every game they get for what it is worth. Eight solid games remain intact on the schedule for now. If they can manage to get more of the postponed games scheduled, it could help their record.

The remainder of the season is against teams they could compete well against. Of the eight remaining contests, only two of them are against teams with a winning record. This could be a good month if nothing else falls through the cracks. 

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