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Campus recreation during a pandemic

Between classes, homework and their jobs, many students and faculty go to the recreation center to stay fit during a busy semester. During months of battling the novel coronavirus pandemic, the campus recreation center has stayed open, although not in the way students are familiar with. 

The campus recreational center is where students and faculty can go to workout between and after classes during the day. With everything from free weights, basketball courts, cycling and even an indoor pool for swimming, it allows patrons to stay fit in a number of ways. 

The pandemic has caused many businesses to change protocol to protect guests. The recreational center was no exception. If students and faculty are unaware of the new guidelines, they can find them located on the University of Memphis website under the tab “campus recreation. “ 

“We spent the summer making preparations to keep our guests safe here while they are working out,” said Steve Whistler, the executive director of Campus Recreation. 

Although there are a number of precautions and hoops to jump through, students still have the ability to exercise. 

“It is good that the University is still allowing people to use the recreational center,” said Chana Jallow, a journalism major. “I still look forward to going. With the guidelines in place, I’m sure I can still enjoy myself while practicing social distancing.” 

The campus recreational center has changed several things that students and faculty should know before arriving. These new procedures and protocols are not just intended to keep students and faculty safe, but they are also implemented to keep employees safe. Masks are required upon entering the recreational center — anyone who comes in must have one. Also, students and members of the recreational center may not bring guests with them. The recreation center basketball court has instituted some safety measures as well. 

“Basketball gyms are limited to four participants, who must all remain at separate goals. Failure to comply may result in loss of usage privileges,” Memphis Campus Recreation’s website says. 

The limited number of players allowed in the basketball gyms has presented a problem to some students, but they are still glad to have the opportunity to let off some steam in the facilities. 

“I really wish we could have more people to play basketball with at the recreational center,” Chris Maclin, a journalism major said. “With that being said, I am grateful in knowing when I do go to the campus recreational center that I’m following all guidelines to ensure my safety and the safety of others around me.” 

The campus recreation center is also asking students and faculty to register for workouts online. This way when they arrive at the recreational center, they can arrive hassle free. Also, areas such as the pool, sauna, whirlpool, steam room, locker room and shower are closed. The recreational center has changed some things around, so if you plan on attending for the first time this semester be aware some of your favorite pieces of workout equipment may have been 

moved around. The campus recreational center moved around things and implemented tiger paws on the floor so students, faculty and employees can stay healthy.

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