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Letter from the Editor: Today's Issue

Hello fellow Tigers, I just wanted to apologize for the issue we put out yesterday. As you can see, our issues look at little bit different now, and we hope it's for the better. We have decided to move on to a new publication in order for us to be able to expand and improve our content. 

Yesterday was our first run at the new format we have and it came with new dimensions which got a little bit confusing for us. I had to make a decision to either just not publish the paper or continue and let the whatever happens follow. The show must go on, after all. 

So if you were wondering why yesterday's issue was so odd, now you know why. It won't look like that and hopefully now it looks much better. Also the color should be improved as well. 

From now on, we are no longer a 4-page paper. We have improved to an 8-page spread with color on the front and back page, as well as the two middle pages (4 and 5). 

This will allow us to be more creative with our content and hopefully have more students pick up the paper. No longer will we have boring black and white pages, rather, we will have eye-popping front pages and more student-centered content as well. 

We have introduced Tiger Profiles, where we feature a random student around campus and let you learn a little bit about your fellow Tiger. We are happy to take this step forward and eager to continue this new tradition. 

Also, we will be having photo galleries as you can see on today's issue. We have talented photographers and now we are excited to utilize their skills even more by capturing what is going on around campus and giving you more of an insight of what is happening around you. 

We hope you appreciate some of the new changes we have made, and I am proud of the work my staff has done and we are eager to have a bigger and better paper. 

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