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Your campus, your voice: Columnists weigh in on Charlottesville


The Nathan Bedford Forrest statue stands in the Medical District downtown. Many want the statue removed, but the state of Tennessee must approve the city's request first.

A rally protesting the removal of a confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent Aug. 12 and 13. The “Unite the Right†rally attracted white supremacists and Nazis to the Virginia streets, which were then met by Antifa and counter-protesters.

Days after the rally turned violent and resulted in one dead, President Donald Trump held a press conference condemning violence on “many sides†of the rally. The President failed to specifically mention the Nazis, KKK and white supremacists until his second press conference on the events.

Lingering questions remain as to what should be done with the confederate statues across the country, including the Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest statues in Memphis.

Some think tearing down the statues is erasing history, while others want the statues taken down in respect for their fellow citizens. The Memphis City Council is scheduled to make a decision on the statues in their Sept. 5 meeting. 

The Daily Helmsman's guest political columnists gave their opinions on the issue.

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