As a public university, the University of Memphis (UofM) is not only a host to students from all across the country, but also for students from 79 different countries. With such a diverse population of students who have several unique ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, the UofM offers opportunities for students to worship as they are most comfortable. 

There are 21 registered religious groups on campus, ten of which have staff referred to as the Religious Life Staff with six of those groups that can be found in buildings or homes within a block of the main campus. 

These groups are dedicated to helping the campus community as well as the city of Memphis as a whole. Many host outreach events, such as a Thanksgiving dinner, for international students and other members of the community. Alongside these outreach events, these organizations offer the chance to participate in service work. Such work can come in the form of mission trips over the summer and even Spring Break mission trips, which are generally shorter than the aforementioned summer ones.

Each of these groups host weekly worship sessions in their respective locations and are open to everyone looking for a safe, fun environment to branch out and learn new things about religion, other individuals on campus and even themselves. 

These campus ministers are often sought out for mentorship purposes, advice and help with problems that plague everyday life. These ministers are also available to host seminars at residence halls and also find ways to help the campus community when the opportunity occurs.

These organizations represent many different denominations and religious indoctrinations, all of whom welcome individuals from all facets of life. Most sessions provide food for the attendees, adding another dining alternative for students to the plethora of locations on campus. 

The ten groups with Religious Life Staff are: Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Campus Outreach, Catholic Campus Ministry, Chi Alpha, Morris Fogelman Jewish Student Center at Hillel of Memphis, Reformed University Fellowship (often referred to as RUF), SOMA (Church of Christ), UKirk (Presbyterian Church USA), Wesley Foundation (United Methodist) and YoungLife.

These religious organizations are a phenomenal way for students to connect with one another and to find new outlets of expression, helping make the transition to college life easier. With the numerous groups on campus, there is always somewhere for someone to feel most comfortable at the University of Memphis. 

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