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The Annex was marketed as a new venue for students to live in with a short commute to campus. However, its construction has been bogged down and tenants are living at home or the Holiday Inn.

As students return back on campus to their in-person classes and events, tenants of the Annex of Memphis are upset with their style of living. The Annex of Memphis is the new five-story student apartment complex for those who attend the University of Memphis. It offers a wide variety of living ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms. 

Unfortunately, tenants have not moved into their apartment yet and continue to be given false hope of when they are able to move in. The original move in date was August 16, 2021. Since then, the move in date has been delayed three times due to construction. 

“I’m pissed off because they [The Annex] had me paying rent without the building being ready. I would not have signed a lease if they told me the building wouldn’t be ready until September.” says one tenant, speaking under terms of anonymity.

Some students who were supposed to move into the Annex during August are now staying at the Holiday Inn until further notice. Many tenants do not reside in Memphis, causing the Holiday Inn to be at full capacity. An out-of-state student said: “For the first few weeks of August, I was staying at a friend’s house. I live nine hours away and I am currently staying at the Holiday Inn while I take my courses. I just want to take my classes in my apartment instead of a hotel room.” 

The Annex of Memphis is located right on Midland Avenue and sports a brief walk to campus. Students who live in Memphis are staying at home and commuting to school. 

“I’m fed up. I drive thirty minutes to get to campus. I’m tired of wasting gas to drive from my house to the school. It’s really inconvenient.” says another tenant. 

The tenants who are not staying at the hotel are given an Amazon card of about $300. For those who have paid their August rent, it will now roll over into the month of September. The Annex will be reimbursing students for the number of nights they will be staying at the hotel. 

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