Briana Moore

“I literally recap everything that we learned in class and notes.” 

“I’m studying a lot in the library and grinding out on that studying.”

 “You got to wing it and just study homework.”

“I don’t get any studying done on campus because I feel like libraries are conducive to creative learning, so I like to go off campus to study…

“I’ve been smoking a lot of cigarettes and drinking a lot of coffee.”

Flintco, the general contractor working on the pedestrian bridge above Southern Avenue, entered its next construction stage, which closed the …

College campuses like the UofM have several resources for sexual assault and rape victims, including SAPAC and Safety Net. 

(From left to right: Sarah L. Collier, Kajol Patel, Dina Mikaiel). More than 6,000 people in the Memphis area are living with HIV, according t…

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