The Tiger defense celebrates after Rodney Owens' game-sealing interception against SMU Saturday morning. 

The Memphis Tigers have had a very interesting season which has not been what most people expected. They were supposed to have a veteran quarterback in Grant Gunnell lead them, but he never saw a snap because of a lower leg injury. They were supposed to compete for an AAC championship, but they were eliminated earlier than most people thought. However, they have a chance to salvage their season and send the seniors out the right way by making it to a bowl game.

Head coach Ryan Silverfield believes making it to a bowl game is the least thing the Tigers should do every season. “(Making a bowl game) should be the minimum standard,” Silverfield explained at his weekly news conference on Monday.

This task will not be easy because their opponent Tulane is better than their record suggests. They have played two top-ten opponents in Oklahoma and Ole Miss and have lost three games by one-possession. They have a really good coach in Willie Fritz and have a nice young quarterback in Michael Pratt. Pratt has thrown 20 touchdowns and only six interceptions this season. The biggest thing is they have nothing to lose, and these types of games are always tough to win if you are a favorite.

The Tigers must do three things in order to win this game, so let's take a look.

Win the turnover battle:

Usually, the team that wins the turnover battle wins the game. Turnovers are critical to the outcome of any game because having possession of the ball is so valuable. If the Tigers cannot turn the ball over and can create a turnover or two, they will probably win the game.

Be balanced on offense:

Memphis quarterback Seth Henigan has had one incredible season for a true freshman. He has definitely cemented himself as the quarterback of the future. He has thrown 22 touchdowns and only eight interceptions this season. However, no matter how great he has been a balanced offense will make everybody's job easier. If they are balanced on offense, they have a great chance of winning.

Do not let Tulane be in the game late:

It is hard to blow teams out in college football today. However, there are moments in every game where you have a chance to put a team away if you have the lead. Memphis has got to take advantage if they get that opportunity. Memphis should not take Tulane for granted because this team can beat the Tigers.

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