The Bluff, a restaurant on the Highland Strip, is this year’s venue for the Hear 901 Music Festival. Blue Tom Records, the student-run record label at the U of M, will host the show April 28 at 7 p.m.

The music festival will feature The Band CAMINO and Aaron James (both signed to Blue Tom Records), Haley Daniels, Flirting with Sincerity, Kyndle McMahan and Sonic Pulse.

“We felt like it was important to do a concert to showcase our artists, and bring attention to the albums they have been working on through our student label,” Grace Hamm, president of Blue Tom Records, said. “Also, it’s just a really cool way to showcase our students and what they do here.”

Aaron James, 22, is one of the headliners at the festival. The recording technology major digitally released his second EP, “Caught in the Corner of a Half Moon” on April 21. James will be selling his CDs and playing songs from the album at Hear 901.

“Caught in the Corner of a Half Moon’ is five songs, and it’s my second ever EP release,” James said. “It’s the first thing I have released in like a year, so it’s really special. It’s sort of like a story of somebody coming into a new self, shedding a past self and discovering new sides of themselves.”

The Band CAMINO, the other headliner for Hear 901, will release their second album June 2. Jeffery Jordan, 21, plays guitar and is one of the lead singers for The Band CAMINO. He said the band has spent a lot of time working on their second album.

“The first record was a lot easier to make because we were a new band and we wanted to sound like other bands that we liked,” Jordan said. “With this album, it took a lot longer, because we wanted to sound like The Band CAMINO, and not anybody else.”

Spencer Stewart, 23, who plays guitar and keys, is the other lead singer of The Band CAMINO. Stewart said one particular new song, “California,” has a lot of significance to the band and is named after a trip the band took together to perform in the Golden State.

“The song is kind of inspirational to us, because we know what level we can be at now,” Stewart said. “We’ve made a song that everyone is really happy with and all the parts are extremely strong. It just feels really great.”

The Band CAMINO will be performing some of the songs from their new album at the music festival. Students and non-students alike are welcome to attend. Pre-sale tickets are on the Blue Tom Records website until the day of the show for $6. Tickets at the door will be $8.

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