Around 3,400 students and 600 non-students watched rapper 21 Savage perform about half of his contracted performance at the “Bluff City Bash” event on Nov. 10. 

This number was provided by Sally Parish, associate dean of Student Leadership and Involvement. 

Headliner 21 Savage took the stage on the University Center lawn and performed thirty minutes of a contracted one-hour performance, as reported by The Daily Helmsman on Nov. 20.

Bluff City Bash_ Outside_IMG_1366.JPG

Students listen to up-and-coming rapper 21 Savage on the Alumni Mall Nov. 10. Savage was paid $85,000, the most the university has paid a single performer in the past four years.  

All full-time students pay fees that account for the money spent on the “Bluff City Bash.” On average, each student paid around $4 to equal the $85,000 for 21 Savage to perform.

In an offer letter written by Student Leadership and Involvement on Sept. 25 to the artist’s agent, 21 Savage was asked to play for an hour and a half — thirty minutes longer than the eventual one-hour performance agreement and about three times the length of what his actual performance would be.

The time of the concert was also planned to be 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., but instead, it was negotiated to 6 to 9 p.m.

MK Tyler, coordinator of Student Engagement Student Leadership and Involvement, said the performance time was changed in the first draft of the contract.

“As stated in the offer, the offer does not serve as a contract,” Tyler said. “There are numerous elements that can affect the final contract.”

One of the elements changed from the initial offer to the final contract also was the location, which was changed from the University Memorial Field to the University Center lawn.

“The location change was finalized on Oct. 26,” Tyler said.

Along with the location change, the time for the performance was also changed before the final contract was made.

Tyler also said even though 21 Savage did not perform his contracted time, the amount paid to the rapper was the set amount for the concert.

“$85,000 was the contracted amount for the ‘Bluff City Bash,’” Tyler said.

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