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Student-Run P.R. Firm Meeman 901 Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

This semester marks the return of a student-led internship, Meeman 901 Strategies. Meeman 901 is revamping and continuing work with multiple clients in the Memphis area.

Meeman 901 Strategies is a student-run strategic communication firm that helps students gain real-world experience by working with various businesses and clients.

The public relation firm started in 2014 but took a break in the fall of 2021. However, faculty advisor Kim Marks, and firm director Shelby Mitchell, plan to revamp the firm this semester and continue forward.

“Meeman 901 Strategies started in 2014 in the hope to allow students to gain real-life P.R. experience,” said Mitchell, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in public relations from the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media this past May. “The goal for this semester is to really lay down the groundwork for the firm and potentially get paying clients in the future.”

Another of Mitchell’s goals is to expand the firm’s staff in the upcoming semester and recruit more students from various majors.

This semester, 11 students have joined the staff and are at work with three clients: STS Enterprise, a leadership development company based in the Memphis metro area; Sol&Co, an eco-friendly and ethically-sourced activewear clothing line for women; and the Public Relations Society of America, a national organization for students interested in the public relations field. Students offer services that include advertising, social media, branding and awareness and strategy help.

Marland Young, a senior public relations, advertising and applied communications major, joined Meeman 901 as an intern this semester and currently leads the STS Enterprise account.

“It’s great to gain connections and the skills that might lead you to a job,” Young said. “This is not an opportunity that regularly happens.”

In an effort to further revamp and modernize Meeman 901, the firm is also updating its website and pushing content for others to view, such as its blogs.

“It feels rewarding, but it also feels like I am very connected with the community,” said U of M student and assistant firm director Anne Margaret Carithers. “The U of M and Meeman 901 both do a great job implementing the community in what we are doing. It has been really fun!”

Going forward, the staff of Meeman 901 are working to create new connections and awareness within the Memphis community and on campus. Carithers encourages new students to join next semester and hopes students understand that the firm is real and working with real clients.

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