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Student Health and Counseling Center Prepare for Annual Student Wellness Fair

The University of Memphis Student Health and Counseling Center will host its 21st annual Student Wellness Fair later this week. The event will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the University Center Student Plaza.

University life plays a different part for each student attending Memphis and can affect them in various ways. This event is one of many ways the University of Memphis communicates and spreads awareness to students by providing resources to help deal with stress and other college-related issues.

The Student Health and Counseling Center has centered the fair focus on its eight areas of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, career, physical, social, and spiritual. However, students needing advice in any area are encouraged to attend and learn.

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Mental Health Counselor, Outreach Coordinator, and hostess Victoria Jones provided additional information on the event via the counseling website.

"Each year, over 30 vendors come to campus to give students information about Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Social Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, and Financial Wellness."

Vendors such as Walgreens, Campus Eye Care, and other community vendors will be present and offer information and services to students, such as providing flu shots or brief physical yoga classes. In addition, various vendors will be testing and giving away prizes and giveaways.

The fair is intended to provide students with health and wellness opportunities offered on campus. For example, the U of M has a relaxation zone where students are encouraged to take time to unstress.

In addition, the counseling center offers group therapy that students can utilize. These opportunities help students understand and maintain their physical and mental health.

Earth Science major Alexandreia White believes the wellness fair benefits her and other students.

"I think it will be beneficial for students because it gives us the opportunity to learn about various things we did not know the campus have to offer," said White.

For more information regarding the Student Wellness Fair, please contact Victoria Jones at If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or require counseling services and resources, please contact the counseling center helpline (901)678-2068 or visit the center's main website at

Before the event, the Counseling Center will set up a donation page for students or the community to help fund student wellness and provide the needed environment to prioritize students' success. All donations are helpful and accepted through the Student Health and Counseling Center donation page at

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