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Tiger Trivia: Basketball Edition

<p>The Tigers survived a late game push against Tusla after both Dandridge and Minott fouled out.</p>
The Tigers survived a late game push against Tusla after both Dandridge and Minott fouled out.

Tiger fans around the nation can finally sleep a little easier knowing their men’s team is back in the NCAA tournament. But how closely did you follow this season? Did you keep up with the women’s team’s season? 

Here’s a bit of trivia to help you brush up on both the men and women’s basketball seasons as the men prepare for Boise State Thursday.

1. When was the last time the University of Memphis men’s basketball team made the NCAA tournament?

            a. 2007

            b. 2015

            c. 2009

            d. 2014

2. In her first year as the women’s head basketball coach, how many wins did Katrina Merriweather helm this season?

            a. 20

            b. 16

            c. 10

            d. 12

3. Jalen Duren set an AAC tournament record this season with this many rebounds in a single game?

            a. 16

            b. 14

            c. 20

            d. 24

4. The women’s basketball team stole the ball 189 times this season. Which Tiger led the team with 40 steals this season?

            a. Emani Jefferson

            b. Maya Stovall

            c. Jamira Shutes

            d. Madison Griggs

5. Jalen Duren led the conference in three different categories this season, what were they?

            a. Rebounds, assists, and blocks

            b. Rebounds, points per game, and steals

            c. Points per game, assists, and field goal percentage

            d. Rebounds, blocks, and field goal percentage

6. How many players on the men’s and women’s team, combined, are from Memphis?

            a. 10

            b. 7

            c. 3

            d. 12

7. By how many points did the men’s basketball team outscore their opponents by in total?

            a. They didn’t

            b. 132

            c. 98

            d. 218

8. This player on the women’s basketball team didn’t miss a single free throw this season, despite only shooting 18. Who was she?

            a. Alana Davis

            b. Jamira Shutes

            c. Madison Griggs

            d. Lanetta Williams

9. Tyler Harris returned to the University of Memphis this season after transferring to Iowa State for a year. How many times did he score from beyond the three-point line to lead the team in three-pointers made?

            a. 34

            b. 67

            c. 134

            d. 54

10. The women’s basketball team tied for the fifth most points scored in a game this season. How many points did the Tigers score?

            a. 92

            b. 78

            c. 89

            d. 63

11. This player averaged the most minutes on the court per game for the men’s basketball team. Who was he?

            a. Lester Quinones

            b. Landers Nolley II

            c. Alex Lomax

            d. Jalen Duren

12. Assistant Coach Abby Jump was named to the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s Thirty under 30 list Monday. How many consecutive years has she made the list?

            a. 2

            b. 6

            c. 5

            d. 4


1. D.

2. B.

3. D.

4. A.

5. D.

6. A.

7. D.

8. C.

9. D.

10. C.

11. A.

12. C.

The Tigers survived a late game push against Tusla after both Dandridge and Minott fouled out.

With Katrina Merriweather's hiring at head coach, the University of Memphis women's basketball team has seen a massive culture shift. Merriweather focuses on making the team feel more like a family, which also prompted players from her former university to transfer with her.

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