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College Football Weekend Roundtable: Scorned Bearcats Edition

We are entering the home stretch of the regular season here and the picks just keep on coming. The most accurate and factual sports team out there is coming at you once again with more accurate and factual predictions about how this week shakes out.

SMU @ Memphis

Johnny Hill: Memphis 34 SMU 24
Coming off a bye, I am taking Memphis over the Mustangs in an upset. If Seth Henigan 
plays, it is going to be tough for the Mustang defense to keep up. Calvin Austin and Sean Dykes will each have big days.

James Brisentine: Memphis 45 SMU 41

I might be crazy to continue riding the Tigers, but I just have a feeling that Memphis is going to show up and show out early Saturday. Of course, this is under the assumption that Seth Henigan will be good to go for Saturday. If he is, the Tigers pull off the upset.

Brian Bada: SMU 31 Memphis 21

This could be a shootout if Seth Henigan can play. However, SMU has one of the best offenses in the nation and they will win by double digits because they will probably have the quarterback advantage with Oklahoma transfer Tanner Mordecai.

Zach Thompson: SMU 35 Memphis 27

The Mustangs are coming off a heartbreaker against Houston a week ago and will be desperate for a win to keep their hopes of a West Division title alive. Potentially having Seth Henigan back in the lineup will be huge for Memphis, but the Ponies will be too much to keep up with in the end.

#13 Auburn @ #14 Texas A&M

Johnny Hill: Texas A&M 27 Auburn 23

This is going to be a tough game. The Aggie defense will be the difference maker and carry them to victory.

James Brisentine: Texas A&M 31 Auburn 27

This game is very evenly matched. Both teams have similar strengths and weaknesses. It is going to be a back and forth affair between the two, but I'm going to roll with the Aggies with the 12th Man behind them.

Brian Bada: Texas A&M 28 Auburn 24

This game is a toss-up. Texas A&M has a slight advantage because they are at home and have the better coach. In the end, they win a close one.

Zach Thompson: Auburn 31 Texas A&M 27

This prediction is entirely contingent upon which version of Bo Nx shows up for the Tigers. The Aggie defense will make it hard on him, but I expect Nix to make just enough plays to grind out a huge road win and keep hope alive for Auburn in the SEC West race.

Tennessee @ #18 Kentucky

Johnny Hill: Kentucky 24 Tennessee 14

I believe the Kentucky defense is too tough for Tennessee. The Wildcats are playing elite on all levels and will leave with the W.

James Brisentine: Kentucky 24 Tennessee 20

Kentucky is looking to bounce back after a very disappointing loss last week to Mississippi State. They are going to have an extra chip on their shoulder because of it. It is not like they are going to need a big edge as it is a rivalry game, but the Wildcats are going to use that to their advantage and get the win here.

Brian Bada: Tennessee 35 Kentucky 31

The Vols are coming off of a bye week. That gave Coach Heupel plenty of time to prepare the Vols to pull off the upset here in the rivalry game.

Zach Thompson: Tennessee 38 Kentucky 31

Kentucky is certainly tough to beat at home. Just ask Florida. However, after a less than impressive showing a week ago, I think the Vols offense will be too much for them to handle in this one. Tennessee is building something, and I expect them to make a statement about the direction they are headed in a big road win.

Tulsa @ #6 Cincinnati

Johnny Hill: Cincinnati 34 Tulsa 14

Cincinnati is playing elite on both sides of the ball. They are easily the best team in the American Conference. I just don’t see anyone beating them. Led by “Sauce” Gardener at corner, I don’t see anyone on Tulsa capable of making plays against the Bearcats defense. Cincinnati wins big at home to move to 9-0.

James Brisentine: Cincinnati 51 Tulsa 7

The Bearcats are going to play very, very angry. They should feel slighted after the first Playoff rankings put them in 6th when they were ranked 2nd in the AP rankings. I am going to pray for Tulsa and the rest of their football team because it is not going to be pretty. It is questionable whether or not this game should be broadcasted due to the graphic content that will be on display.

Brian Bada: Cincinnati 45 Tulsa 17

The Bearcats found out Tuesday what the committee thinks of them. They punish Tulsa because of the "disrespect" they have received.

Zach Thompson: Cincinnati 41 Tulsa 10

What is that old saying? Hell hath no fury like a Bearcat scorned? Something like that. Anyway, it's truly is unfortunate for Tulsa that they get the first crack at Cincinnati after the initial CFP rankings had them at sixth. This one will get out of hand. Bearcats roll at home, move to 9-0 and probably still go down in the polls next week because that is how these things seem to go.

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