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Super Bowl Pick ‘Em: Helmsman Staff shares thoughts on the big game

<p>Helmsman sports reporter Ryan Brown</p>
Helmsman sports reporter Ryan Brown

It is finally here. Super Bowl LLIII featuring the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will air on CBS on Feb. 5 with kick off at 5:30 p.m. This matchup has many storylines including quarterback Tom Brady going for his sixth championship against a young quarterback in Jared Goff and second-year coach Sean McVay. The Helmsman Sports Staff broke down this game and provided their separate predictions.

Ryan Brown headshot

Helmsman sports reporter Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown

The Rams have one of the best defensive lines, but they lack depth. Brady will come out in a hurry-up offense and tire out Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh early. The Rams have great corners but subpar MLB core. The Patriots specialize in working between the seems, so look for the Pats running backs, wide receivers and tight ends to dominate in that area like nobody’s business.

The Pats have the better offensive line and a better d-line against the run offense. The Pats can’t consistently sack the quarterback but will shut down Todd Gurley at the line of scrimmage. Goff will be forced to beat the Pats, and the Pats have the top secondary in the league entering the playoffs. Sean McVay and Goff have both shown their inexperience cost, or almost cost, them big games. Brady and Bill Belichick have done this nine times. It may or may not be Gronk’s last game (I may shed tears if it is), but he will be big in the red zone. The Pats will finally pull off a Super Bowl that is not close.

Final score: Patriots 34, Rams 24

Raven Moore headshot

Sports reporter Raven Moore

Raven Moore

I think the Los Angeles Rams will take it, 38-34. The Patriots boast the most experience but have played an up and down season, despite what their 11-5 record suggests. With weapons such as Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods wreaking havoc on offense, I don’t see the Patriots defense managing to stop all that talent.

Of course, Brady and Co. won’t be run over on the scoreboard, their offensive line will have a difficult time holding Donald in check consistently, and everyone knows when players get their hands on Brady early and often, he’s bound to get flustered and make a mistake.

Final score: Rams 38,  Patriots 34

Frank Ramirez headshot

Sports reporter Frank Ramirez

Frank Ramirez

The Patriots will win the Super Bowl (or at least they should). The Belichick and Brady era will perhaps enter its final chapter with a win Feb. 3, and because of the Patriots doing the right things in the postseason, they should win another close super bowl. With the Patriots having 38 players with Super Bowl experience and the Rams only four, the experience will play a key factor. It will take costly mistakes for the Patriots to give up their sixth Super Bowl win in their dominant era.

While America, besides the Boston and NOLA area, will want the Rams to win, this isn’t the year for them. I feel like the Patriots will struggle early, and Donald will have Brady on alert. But I feel like Sony Michel will be key because he has 242 rushing yards and five touchdowns this postseason. PAlthough I wish the Raiders were in the Super Bowl.

Final score: Patriots 35, Rams 31


Reggie Reed

Super Bowl LLII is almost here, and I cannot be more excited to see young Goff and the “GOAT†Brady go head-to -head Feb. 2. My pick for this year’s Super Bowl is the New England Patriots because of the momentum they are riding from their ground attack, and their third down efficiency has been spot on.

The Rams will have their moments in this game as well, but the running backs for the AFC Champions are deep and talented. The dark horse MVP for the Super Bowl is Julian Edelman or James White. 

Final score: Patriots 34, Rams 31

Jacob Rice headshot

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Jacob Rice 

This is one of the worst Patriots teams to have made it to a Super Bowl over the last few years at 11–5, and as they had quite a few close calls getting to the Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams are a new addition to the big game. And this is their chance to reestablish “The Greatest Show on Turf.†The Patriots have a good résumé for why they can bring home another Lombardi, and once again, the NFC has had a wild year and has sent a new face into the Super Bowl. Goff is facing off against the historic Brady, and I expect it to be a wild finish.

The Patriots are most likely going to avenge the loss to the underdog Eagles from a year ago, and they will be playing with a chip on their shoulder. The Patriots look weaker than years past, and they have to hope the Rams stutter in some significant way.

Final score: Rams 38, Patriots 27


William Sanders 

“Darth†Brady, “Emperor†Belichick and the “evil empire,†or the New England Patriots, will win their sixth Super Bowl 28-24 against the Rams. New England has dominated teams on the line some of which boast some of the best front sevens in the league. The Rams defense relies on their front seven and has a lackluster secondary. Because the Rams will not be able to get to Brady, he will have plenty of time to throw, and the running backs will be able to make room for Brady while keeping the Rams defense on the field as long as possible. Goff is unproven as an NFL quarterback and will need to play nearly flawless because the Patriots can and will get down the field consistently.

Final score: Patriots 28, Rams 24 

Zach Thompson headshot

Sports reporter Zach Thompson

Zach Thompson

Fresh off one of the most controversial playoff wins ever, the Rams are riding a wave of momentum behind the play of third-year quarterback Goff and a star-studded defensive unit that features all-world defensive tackle Donald. Against the Patriots, who silenced their critics yet again after winning another AFC championship, it will be critical for the Rams to put pressure on Tom Brady for them to be successful.

Patriots head coach Belichick is known for taking away a key element of the opponent’s offense, and unless the Rams are able to respond by making Brady uncomfortable in the backfield, the five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback will have his way on the big stage once again.

Final score: Patriots 31, Rams 20

Joshua A. Vinson

Joshua A. Vinson | Sports editor

Joshua A. Vinson

I won’t be long-winded because the team I wanted in the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints, are at home watching the game like I’ll be. I’m picking the Patriots only because the Saints got screwed. You’re probably reading this thinking, “Joshua is really salty about New Orleans not making it,†and you are right.

Yes, I know that is petty but so be it.

Final score: Patriots 41, Rams 0

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