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Four thefts and two assaults on campus

Crime Log Map Main Campus

1. Female Student pinned against wall at Centennial Place

A male student was accused of assault on Sept. 21 in Centennial Place, according to a police report written by officer Robert Bramlett.

The accused student pinned a female student to a wall after an argument. A staffer witnessed the altercation after hearing a disruption on the first floor and heading over to investigate. The staff member called the proper authorities, but the suspect fled the scene before the police’s arrival, according to the report.

2. Cards, phone stolen from purse at 365 Innovation Dr.

A student’s ATM card, American Express card, and iPhone 4 were taken from her purse on Sept. 21, according to a police report written by officer William Skinner. The student had left her purse on a table at 365 Innovation while she made a trip to her car. When she returned, her purse was missing, only to be found later in the men’s bathroom, with her items missing. Custodial workers said they saw an African American man in his twenties wearing a white shirt and blue pants acting suspicious in the men’s room before the purse was recovered, according to the report.

3. Two Catalytic converters stolen from Southern parking lot

Two Catalytic converters were stolen from Honda Accords in Southern parking lots, according to police reports written by officers Randy Phillips and Stephen Grisham.

A man parked his 2000 Honda accord in the Southern parking lot at 9 a.m. on Sept. 14, before returning to it at 9 p.m. and heading home. While on the road, he noticed his car was noisier than usual. When he had arrived at his house, he looked under his car and realized the catalytic converter was missing.

On the same day, a teenager drove his father’s 2000 Honda Accord to the University of Memphis recreational center for swim practice, also parking in the Southern parking lot. When he returned to the car, he discovered that the catalytic converter was missing. The cuts on the vehicle were clean, which, according to the repair shop visited by the victim, implies that the thief was experienced. The theft occurred between 3:45 and 6:30, Grisham wrote in the report.

The thief, or thieves, could likely sell the converters for $100 to $150, according to the AutoZone auto parts store on Getwell Road.

4. Early morning disturbance in Centennial Place

Students in dorms of Centennial Place complained about neighbors’ noise level and vandalism on Sept. 28, according to report written by campus officer John Udgens.

Two residents reported early morning that the neighboring room was causing a disturbance. They responded with banging on the adjacent wall to shut them up.

Two unknown women retaliated with banging on the students’ door, yelling threats, and destroying their door decor.

5. Vandalism at Fieldhouse and Zach Curlin garage

A tip to Campus Police Chief Derek Myers on graffiti at Fieldhouse led to discoveries of more tags on the top floor of the Zach Curlin garage, according to report written by campus police officer James Vickers.

On Sept. 28, Myers responded to a tag on the northeast corner of the Fieldhouse beside the fire escape when he received a tip about said tag.

An officer discovered another tag on the east wall of the top floor in the Zach Curlin garage.

No witnesses have come forth and photographs of both scenes were documented. The photographs have been sent to detectives for further investigation.

Crime Log Map Park Campus

6. Student’s phone stolen while at in Harris Concert Hall

A student’s phone was stolen by an unknown suspect while she attended a concert in U of M Harris Concert Hall, according to a report written by campus police officer Stephen Grisham.

Officer R. Frans responded to a theft of a stolen phone at 3775 Central, on Sept. 27. The victim reported using her locator app to find the phone but updates stopped and indicated its last location near the University Center.

According to the report, the student was unable to provide her contact number at the time and would call back later with the information.

So far, no witnesses or suspects have been found.

7. Student "face palmed" by acquaintance at Dan Kuykendall Cove

A young man has been accused of assaulting a University of Memphis student.

The student was "face palmed" by the man on the Park Avenue campus after an argument on Sept. 29, according to a campus police report written by officer John Hudgens. Officers responded at 1:30 p.m. There were no injuries.

8. Students busted for smell of Marijuana at Buford Ellington Drive West

A student and a non student were accused of smoking weed at a Park Avenue campus residence hall, according to a report written by campus police officer Robert Bramlett.

An anonymous tipster reported an odor coming from an apartment on Sept. 24. When officers arrived, they smelled marijuana in the student’s residence.

The student admitted that she and her guest, a non-student, were smoking but there wasn’t any more weed present, according to the report.

Officers could not find drugs or paraphernalia in the residence.

The guest was accused of trespassing by police and removed from U of M property, the report said. The resident was referred to the Student Conduct for further discipline.

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