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SGA Voter’s Guide: Nicholas Mastron

News Reporter

Published: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 22:11


Nicholas Mastron

• Students for the University Renaissance Emergence Party

• Political Science, Economics, International Studies and History major

• Senator at Large

• Running Mate: LeDarius Millen, Biology and Chemistry Major

Nicholas Mastron, like his opponent Russell Born, received his position in the SGA by appointment. As campaign manager for the United Students party last year, Mastron worked to get Born and current SGA President Tyler DeWitt elected.

DeWitt appointed Mastron last summer when it became obvious that some elected senators weren’t showing up at meetings. This year he hopes to continue his work, but this time get himself elected.

“I wanted to start something completely new because I felt that we needed a new outlook in SGA,” Mastron said. “Personally, I‘ve grown up this year with SGA, and I think our party is going to make a big impact going forward.”

One issue Nicholas Mastron plans to address if elected president is the lack of productivity within the SGA. In the past, elected senators have either been impeached, stopped showing up to meetings or just didn’t produce any bills — unacceptable in Mastron’s eyes.

“If senators are not writing bills, students are being denied an adequate voice. In that same breath, those representing must ask all students under their various positions’ authorities what should be written within SGA,” Mastron said.

Mastron said students should pick him over the other candidates because he produces quality bills and follows up on their implementation.

“I do not write bills that cannot be taken to the next step with a conscious effort,” Mastron said. “Every bill or resolution I write represents a commitment — a contract that I am upholding to the roughly 25,000 students at the University of Memphis.”

Mastron is working closely with the administration to have a building named after Stan Bronson, The U of M baseball team’s batboy for more than 50 years.

“I am determined, whether it is my final act as a senator, to get this man the honor that he deserves from The University he has called home for more than 53 years,” he said.

Mastron wrote several resolutions in the year he has served as senator — one that challenged The U of M’s plus and minus grading system and another that maintained Pepsi Co. as The University’s beverage supplier.

Mastron’s current project is an outreach program to public high schools in Memphis. Often students enter college with the idea that college is much like high school and The University of Memphis is more like “Tiger High,” Mastron said. But he said he hopes to break that stigma.

“This program focuses on teaching high school students the need to develop personal work ethics and examines the necessary strategies for collegiate success, using the University of Memphis as the primary example,” Mastron said.


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