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SGA Voter’s Guide: Hunter Dawson

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Published: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 22:11


Hunter Dawson

• Students for the University Renaissance Emergence Party

• Political Science, Economics, International Studies and History major

• Senator at Large

• Running Mate: LeDarius Millen, Biology and Chemistry Major
After running with the Finding Answers Concerning Everyone party for the past two years, Hunter Dawson formed the Making A Change party this year.

With the newly formed party, Dawson said he wants to generate more campus energy, increase academic excellence and retention, improve campus safety and secure HOPE scholarship funding.

“All four of our bullet points are areas in  need of change,” Dawson said. “As president, I will work hard to make a change in these areas and all other areas brought to my attention by the students.”

Dawson said his two years of experience in the SGA make him the most experienced candidate.

“I have been in over ten different organizations on campus and I have held leadership positions in multiple organizations,” he said. “Being involved in these organizations has given me the opportunity to communicate with many different students, which has enabled me to hear concerns from a broad range of the student body.”

As a senator, Dawson is a member of the campus safety committee and the finance committee. The safety committee hosted a self defense seminar last semester that was open to all students and instructed by one of the officers from police services.

From his position on the finance committee, Dawson has a hand in deciding whether to disburse funds from a $90,000 pot to students who have requested financial aid for travel.

“I vote to give out thousands of dollars to students that apply for SGA travel funds, so that students can go to conferences and obtain even more experience in the area in which they are interested,” he said.

Dawson said he also supports getting a card-swiping system or keypads for sorority houses.  He said if he wins, he would make sure that happens.


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