“I think it would be a good thing. It will be useful in certain situations where one might not want to be heard”.

Frank Whitfield, 26, political science 


“I could see that going good and not good. It’s nice because we are in a texting age so I feel like everyone has texting at the ready, especially in the case of an emergency it would be quick. I guess I just worry about the logistics on how they would get the information. 

Roberta Inscho, 34, theatre arts graduate student 


"I can see the potential for it being misused, but for other times I can see where it can be safer, especially in a domestic violence situation. You are more likely to get away with being able to text rather than call because then the situation would be taken care of silently.”

Sean Denby, 25, musicology graduate student


“I believe that it is a good change. Technology is growing, and the faster that we can get help, the better. It used to be that you can contact 911 over the internet, and I thought that was pretty cool. The faster technology is growing, the better in good ways."

Jessica Carr, 33, journalism


“I like that. I think it’s really convenient because sometimes it is easier to text someone and be a little bit more private with your emergency than just picking up the phone and making a spectacle of yourself."

Hunter Beckham, 21, theatre

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