3/13 walk and talk 6

“Yes and no. I feel like there’s a time and a place for everything, so if the situation doesn’t call for it, then no. But if the athletes feel like they want to be political, and they want their voice to be heard, then reporters should be respectful.” 

-Viktoria Odigie, 20, public relations, sophomore 

3/13 walk and talk 3

“I think it’s okay as long as it doesn’t get in the way of their sports reporting, but that’s up to their employer.” 

-Wood Rodgers, 24, linguistics, graduate student 

3/13 walk and talk 8

“If it’s appropriate, and it really depends on the topic. Honestly, you can’t keep people from doing either or. I think that they could just keep it to sports rather than getting political, like when I’m watching sports, I don’t want to hear about politics, I want to hear about sports.” 

-Isaac Akers, 24, architecture, graduate student

3/13 walk and talk 7

“I don’t think sports reporters should talk about politics because they have a platform that shouldn’t be giving opinions, but they can talk about politics if they want. It’s a fine line though, and if they are going to discuss them, they shouldn’t be giving their opinions.” 

-Shekyla Moore, 22, fashion merchandising, senior

3/13 walk and talk 1

“I think so, politics affects everything, including sports, so why should you not be able to talk about it if it affects you in one way or another?” 

-Rene Valdez, 23, music, graduate student

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